Nick Fuz @ 3 Months

My boy is better than ever and getting big to boot! He is awesome and was in a great mood today 🙂 Everything is great! Going to the second to last Mets game tomorrow night! Will it be Mike Piazza’s final home series? We will see 🙂 Check out the 2 new sections on The PHone pic gallery and my dugg stories from! Have a great weekend! Wake Me Up When September Ends! 😉

Spider-Man 3 Villains: it’s Official

– From Cinematical

Thomas Haden Church, once rumored to be playing Chameleon in Spider-Man 3, will in fact play Sandman, and Topher Grace will be Venom. Since this news comes to us straight from the loose lips of Kirsten Dunst herself (who is wisely riding this money train as long as she can), I think we can put the rumor mill to bed on this one.

For those of you who, like me, are sadly unfamiliar with all of Spidey’s enemies, Sandman is a career criminal whose irradiated body can turn into a sand-like substance. Sand-like, huh? I was hoping he just had, like, a really abrasive personality, or something. Damn. Venon, however, is a bit more complicated. As far as I can tell, he’s (it’s?) some sort of alien thing that takes over bodies. When he moves into the body of Eddie Brock, a guy who really, really hates Spiderman already, Venom makes him stronger and more pissed off, creating a supervillain that looks like a black-and-white version of Spider-Man with a wicked smile. Well that sounds sort of awesome. It will be released in Spring 2007.


Jurrasic Park 4 !

Further confirmation today of the rumors mentioned here in April, that Jurassic Park IV is really on the way. If nothing else, Michael Crichton is excited, since no matter what happens to them he still gets paid for creating the characters. So far, both Sam Neill and Vince Vaughn are thought to be coming back along, probably, with a dinosaur or two.

– Ok, I even liked a bad Jurrasic Park (#3) I am very excited to see another movie in the series! The Jurrasic Parks really make me feel like a kid watching a great adventure movie! Lets see how they do!


Survivor 11 Starts Tonight!

f you’ve watched any TV lately, you’ve most likely seen CBS promotional spots hyping the big twist in the latest edition of “Survivor” (8 p.m.Thursday, Ch. 2).

This being the age of the Internet scoop, however, anyone with access to the Web should be able to find out what the “surprise” of “Survivor: Guatemala” is in under 10 seconds.

It wouldn’t be fair to give the twist away here, but go to the end of this article if you want a few clues.

What we do know, via CBS press releases, is that “two additional surprises” will greet the 16 announced “Survivor” contestants at some point during their Guatemalan sojourn. We also know that former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom will be one of the competitors.

And rather than unfolding on a beach, this edition of the program will take place in the Guatemalan jungle. Contestants will live and plot among “the ancient Mayan ruins and ceremonial sites (some as many as 2,000 years old),” according to CBS.

Given the change of scenery and the fact that “Survivor,” the network granddaddy of reality television, has proved adept at reinventing itself as the years go by, this 11th edition of the show likely will prove just as addictive as the rest.

Now — Spoiler alert! Don’t read this if you don’t want to know! — here are a few clues as to the big “Survivor” secret: It’s interesting that CBS’ own press release lists 16 contestants for “Survivor: Guatemala.” In recent seasons, there have been up to 18 or 20 competitors.

As for the “two additional surprises,” could they be, as several reality-TV Web sites have speculated and CBS’ own promos indicate, a couple of folks familiar to “Survivor” fans? We’ll just have to watch to find out.

– CBS alreay spilled the beans and said they are having two x survivor contestants!

Survivor 11 on

DreamWorks Announces Madagascar 2

With Madagascar producing $500 million-dollar wet dreams for Jeffrey Katzenberg, the DreamWorks Animation CEO announced today – get ready for a shocker – that the studio will indeed produce a sequel to what’s become its most successful original movie ever. EVER!

Returning to their roles as a lion, a zebra and a hippo (what, no wardrobe?) will be Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith. Along with what’s expected to be a plethora of sequels, DreamWorks will give the Madagascar penguins their own direct-to-video release as well as a ten-minute short to be shown before the upcoming Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit. Though there’s still no word on whether or not the penguins will see any profits off the DVD, Stiller and gang were officially spotted on the street today high-fiving imaginary dollar signs floating above their heads.


Mighty Mouse Cave In

Yea, ok it happened! I DID NOT get the new ipod nano YET, but I did cave in and buy the Apple Mighty Mouse, the first time I finally saw it in stock! I have to admit, I went in to take a peek at the nano, which is truly amazing and is now on the top of my list for Santa 🙂 The mouse is pretty amazing! So amazing I am using it on my G5 as well as my PC. The lil ball on the mouse is killer! I love scrolling with it and it is by far the mouse’s best feature! Sure it is NOT wireless, but with all my equipment, I have been having some issues with my wireless mice, so its not bothering me too bad! The right mouse sensors on it took a lil getting used to, but its easy to adapt to. The only problem is my pack or mice now! I must have at least 10 mice around my office 🙁 O well 🙂

Apple – Mighty Mouse

Superman Returns Bogus Trailer

I had heard about the new trailer for the new Superman movie that comes out next summer and wanted to check it out. It looked ok, not really showing much and was like. I then heard that some fan made it, too funny! I is still worth checking out! Also check out the Blue Tights official Blog site for the movie, they have added a lot of cool stuff to the site including a Blog from Brian Singer the director from the first X Men movie.

Superman Returns Teaser Trailer online

Blue Tights Adventure Network!

Superman Returns (in the form of a teaser)

Rob Fuz Podcast 9/9/05

Hey Everyone! Well I finally did it! I teamed up with Craig for an awesome 40 minute Podcast! We are kicking around domain names and a show name and will hopefully put out a new tech based, computer, gadget and just all around fun Podcast on a daily basis! I think the show is actually pretty cool and we did it using Goggle Talk, which is an amazing talk program! I also recorded directly in Sony’s Vegas Video and rendered the file right from there. We covered all the news from Apple this week and how we created this first test run show! Enjoy! Please leave some suggestions and some feedback!

Rob Fuz Podcast 9/9/05 (40 min 19 meg MP3) Click Here To Download!

Tons O’ New Apple News!

HOLY CRAP! That new ipod looks SO AMAZING! My trigger finger was on my mouse and ready to order, but I held out! I have been waiting and pondering getting a new ipod for some time now! I do have a Second Generation ipod as well as the Shuffle and needed to upgrade to a newer one! So tempting is this new Ipod Nano, but wait as I must, I will hold out till possibly Christmas or mill over getting the 20 or 60 gig color version! Jos just got a Mini for her birthday, but it is a 6 gigger and I think she will still enjoy it for sometime! It was pretty funny how the info came down on Engadget! The site was POUNDED by traffic and I hit refresh a lot to get the info down like every 10 mins! Classic! I never saw that site go down like that, but they were AWESOME on brining the news to the world almost live! As for the Rokr I do use Cingular, but I am not a huge fan of Motorola phones and 100 songs seems kind of weak! The Harry Potter Ipod is funny and I think that will be huge as well! Installing itunes 5 now! Be Back Later 🙂

Live from SF: Apple’s announcement on Engadget

Gotta Love Live Blogging! Ok so far they announced ITunes 5 and A Harry Potter ipod and are talking to Madonna, who is in the new ads for whatever they didn’t anounce yet! Check the link! Back Soon!

Live from SF: Apple and Motorola’s iTunes phone announcement – Engadget –

Their surver must be CRUSHED! It keeps going down! Here’s whats announced so far!

1:00pm – The lights are going down. Al Gore is reportedly sitting in the front row. Steve is on stage.

1:01pm – “Apple is leading the digital music revolution, but to us, at it’s core, it’s all about the music.” Steve introduces “16 time grammy award winner, the incomparable Yo Yo Ma” in the audience. “He’s mad at me now, probably.”

1:02pm – “let’s start today, i’d love to give you an update on itunes…” over half a billion songs sold. 1.8 million songs a day. “iTunes has an 80% market share here in the US.” 85% of global music market.

1:04pm – “Let me give you an update on podcasts.” 7 million subscriptiosn to podcats. 15,000 podcasts in directory. 21 languages including Finnish, Serbian, and Thai. House Democrats and Senate Republicans are among podcasters. Top 9: iTunes new music tuesday, al franken, adam curry… 2 million songs now in itunes library

1:06pm – “This next statistic we’ve never shared with anyone before: we have just crossed 10 million accounts on itunes”. Average account has purchased 60 songs(mathematically that’s just # sold / # accts). “iTunes may be the second largest internet store behind only Amazon.” New exclusive content: Harry Potter. All 6 audio books only on iTunes.

1:07pm – New Harry Potter iPod – has the crest engraved on the back.

1:08pm – 1-click purchase of entire Harry Potter collection. Other exclusive: Madonna. All 15 albums available by album and by song. Steve is calling Madonna on iChat AV.

1:09pm – Madonna to Steve: “I got tired of not being able to download my own music.” Steve: “Do you have an ipod?” Madonna: “of course I do! that’s so dumb! Every time I get one a new one comes out the next week.”

1:11pm – iTunes 5! Pretty much same display, but cleaned up. Can organize folders of playlists.

1:12pm – Search bar – can search just podcasts, just albums, etc. Search bar is also in music store. iTunes 5 autosyncs contacts and calendars from MS Outlook.

1:14pm – Smart Shuffle feature. “We’ve had a lot of people say our shuffle’s not random” (laughter) “We’ve actually added Smart Shuffle to make it less random. But it seems more random.” From the UI: “Smart shuffle allows you to control how likely you are to hear multiple songs by the same artist.” Reviews added to iTunes.

1:17pm – iTunes 5 demo. Steve is searching for some musician named “Dylan” in the store. Results layout is more GUI, layout of album covers by artist.

1:20pm – Here it is: “There’s One More Thing about iTunes that we’re announcing today … Today we are introducing the iTunes phone: Motorola ROKR. 100 songs or other downloads.”

1:21pm – You load it via USB cable. “It’s basically an iPod shuffle for you phone.” No click wheel. It has auto-shuffle.

1:22pm – Steve is playing “Let’s Get it Started” on the phone. Sounds good – lots of bass. The ringtone is still cheezy, which makes a nice contrast of how much better the music audio quality is than you’d expect.

1:23pm – Ron Garriques – President of Motorola’s mobile phone division, is onstage.

1:27pm – Garriques on the Rokr: “It’s a great ARPU story.” That’s Average Revenue Per User.

1:28pm – Sneak preview of TV ad. Madonna and a bunch of other people. Hey, there’s Iggy Pop w/o a shirt!

1:29pm – Steve onstage again: “The #1 wireless carrier in North America, Cingular, is going to be the exclusive carrier…”

1:30pm – Ralph de la Vega, COO of Cingular is onstage. “Today, the talk ends, and the music begins.”

1:34pm – Ralph says he knows we’re worried about battery life. He says he flew crosscountry with it yesterday, made some phone calls at his hotel, then left it on the table overnight. The battery gauge still showed full in the morning.

1:35pm – Previews of outdoor ads (billboards): “Now you can KISS and tell”, “smashblabbermouth”, and pb4splunk: “Matthew Sweet talk”.

1:37pm – Magazine ads. “Elvis may have left the building, but now you can get him on the phone.“

1:41pm – “Now, I’d like to give you an update on iPod. Almost 22 million sold as of June. New automotive Made for iPod products: Honda, Acura, Audi, VW adding iPod capability.

1:42pm – 30% of all cars in 2006 sold in US will offer iPod option.

1:43pm – “Today, we’re gonna focus on the iPod mini.” Most popular mp3 player in the world. “Today, we’re going to do something pretty bold… we’re going to replace it.”

1:44pm – The iPod nano. 1000 songs.

1:45pm – It has a color display and a click wheel. Looks like a shrunken iPod photo.

1:46pm – 1/5 size of original iPod. 62% smaller by volume than mini. 1/3 size of mini.

1:47pm – Steve is comparing the nano to other players and cellphones. 30-pin dock connector same as other iPods. Color screen.

1:48 – New clock, can add multiple time zones. They show inverse mode at night. Games, calendars, stopwatch, and lap timer. Screen lock with password. “If you have your contacts and calendars on, you might want to lock your screen”. “Some people are going to forget everything, so they’re going to forge they’re combination.” When you redock your mac opens the lock. 1.5 ounces, 42 grams. Less than 8 quarters. It fits in watch pocket of jeans. USB 2.0.

1:49pm – 14 hour battery life, both PC and Mac.

1:50pm – “One other thing…” Second color – black. 4GB – 1000 songs – $249, 2GB – 500 songs – $199.

1:51pm – Shipping today. “They will be in some stores as early as tomorrow afternoon or Friday.” Accessories: $29 dock, $39 lanyard headphone. 5 armband colors $29.

1:52pm – New accessory: “nanotubes”. Colored skins – box of 5 colors $29. Rolling out to stores over next 4 weeks. “Again, the key messages here are 1000 songs in your pocket, impossibly small”

1:54pm – “My prediction is this is instantly going to become the highest-volume most popular iPod in the world. At events like this, we always like to remind ourselves that the most important thing is the music.” So who’s the guest star? Kanye West, that’s who.

1:55pm – Kanye West: “I’d like to thank Steve Jobs for still letting me perform.”

1:58pm – Kanye just dissed Bush again.

2:04pm – Peace out from Kanye. Steve is back on stage. “Thank you all for coming, and we’ll see you soon. Buh-bye.” That’s it!

Well Its in the store and I already added it to my cart 🙂 I think I will hold back and wait till christmas though 🙁 Damn It! hehe BLACK BABY!

Apple’s Big Announcement – Nano Nano

What I found out on 🙂 The Nano sounds real cool for my Podcasts and when i record Howard Stern 🙂 With my Ipod newly refurbished with a 24 hour battery, its getting flaky in its old age I am in the market for a new Ipod and will be ready to run out to the store Wednesday 🙂 And to be honest, I have zero interest in a Ipod phone at this time with hearing it will only hold like 25 or possibly 100 songs 🙁 – Happy Birthday (Saturday) to Jos and Happy Labor Day All!

Apple has sent out invitations to a “Special Music Event” to be held at 10:00AM in the Moscone Center West in San Fransisco on September 7th..

Why wait till Wed? New Products:
– Cingular will announce an iTunes compatible phone – the “Rocker”
– New 2GB ipod called the “Nano” – it will sport a color screen and will be much smaller and thinner than a mini. Price = $199

No video ipod.. You heard it here first.

The Nano?

kevinrose: my basic blog

Apple To Break ‘Major News’ Next Week

Video iPod, iTunes mobile – or ‘a new device entirely’…?

People are anticipating a HUGE announcement from Apple on Wednesday! With the mighty mouse coming without any warning, I am really waiting to see what this announcement is! Every time they scooped something big in the past year or so since I have been following the Mac world, I always new what the announcement was going to be. This time I have some idea they will announce like a new Ipod or something, but I can’t wait to see what its gonna be! By the way, I am still loving the Mac, but I have little time to learn a lot of the cool programs!

Apple is preparing a major announcement next week, dropping hints of something as critical to the company’s future as the release of the original iPod in 2001.

The company sent an invitation to reporters on Monday morning for a “special event” being held on 7 September in San Francisco.

The invitation reads: “1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything”, referring to the release of the first 5GB iPod nearly four years ago. “Here we go again.”

As with any planned announcement from Apple, details are scarce and rumours are running rampant. However, some potential clues have emerged.

Record company executives have said recently that Apple has been seeking licences to distribute a wide variety of music videos through the iTunes music store, and that the computer company has told them of plans to unveil an iPod that plays video.

Research firm iSuppli recently reported Samsung Electronics was dedicating a large amount – perhaps as much as 40 per cent – of its flash memory production to Apple, leading to speculation that the Mac maker was preparing a larger-capacity version of its flash-based Shuffle player, or even switching its iPod Mini to a flash-based technology.

Apple sold 6.1 million iPods in its last fiscal quarter, and the company has ridden the demand for the music player to its strongest financial position in years.

Other Apple-linked products are also nearing market release. Motorola has said a long-promised iTunes mobile phone will ship before the end of September. And the latest version of iTunes, version 4.9, contains hidden references to mobile-phone features, adding to the expectation that an iTunes-compatible mobile phone is coming soon.

The Federal Communications Commission has granted regulatory approval for Motorola to start selling one iTunes-capable phone, although it is not certain that handset will be the first model Motorola introduces.

Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg cautioned against expecting anything too far out of Apple’s existing product line, saying that a video iPod is unlikely. The iTunes-compatible phone is a likely candidate, he said, but added that the company could have surprises in store.

“When it comes to Apple announcements, expectations are often set unrealistically by Apple enthusiasts. But Apple has been known to pull rabbits out of the proverbial hat. It may be a new category of device altogether,” he said.


Springsteen to End Tour in New Jersey

NEW YORK (AP) – Bruce Springsteen wraps up his second solo acoustic tour by going back where it all began: New Jersey.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer plans shows in the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton and the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J. as part of a 17-city swing. The Garden State shows are the last dates supporting his “Devils & Dust” album; the tour began April 25 in Detroit.

The first show in the third leg of the tour is set for Rochester, N.Y., on Oct. 6. Springsteen, over the course of these shows, has performed 115 songs from his three-decade career.

The three New Jersey shows are scheduled for Nov. 13 in Atlantic City, Nov. 16 at Continental Arena, and Nov. 21 in Trenton.

In a July interview with The Associated Press, Springsteen said he’d enjoyed reinterpreting everything from his new material to reinvented old favorites to rarely heard obscurities.

“I’m in search of how to take the stuff I’ve written and make sure the audience hears it fresh again,” Springsteen said. “It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed it.”

The other new dates are set for Hartford, Conn. (Oct 7), Uniondale, N.Y. (Oct. 9), Minneapolis (Oct. 12), Chicago (Oct. 13), Madison, Wis. (Oct. 15), Worcester, Mass. (Oct. 20), Providence (Oct. 21), Richmond (Oct. 24), Boston (Oct. 28), Fort Lauderdale (Nov. 3), Tampa (Nov. 4), Philadelphia (Nov. 8) and Norfolk, Va. (Nov. 11).

All arena shows will be played in spaces modified to a theater format. There was no immediate word on availability of tickets.