Hot Tub Joeys Bachelor Party

Over the weekend I attend my buddy Hot Tub Joeys Bachelor Party! Great time had by all! It was at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. I have been there a few years ago and was not that impressed, but things changed! The redid most of the place and added a Vegas-like area call The Quarter! It is an amazing shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex complete with an Imax theater! VERY NICE!

We ate at Carmines and I saw a desert called the Titanic! We had to ask and of course get it! We did indeed sink the Titanic and a great meal had by all!

I did pretty good at gambling! I was on a tear at the blackjack table, but alas I came out a looser 🙁 o well there is always next time!

The Quarter at Tropicana Hotel and Casino

IMAX Theatre at Tropicana – Atlantic City

Superman Returns

I guess I am excited about this movie. Its been in the works for at least 10 years but now the X Men director has it and we will see! –

This first look at Superman Returns— due in theaters in June 2006 — shows that the skin-tight costume stretches over only the actor’s muscles and frame, without the augmented armored pecs or abs of recent movie superheroes. – First look: ‘Superman Returns’

Return Of The Screen Savers!

Just when I thought my favorite show, The Screen Savers was gone forever, it has another incarnation! It is defiantly like a cat and has 9 lives! This is like life # 7! With all the different hosts, channel names and even now a new show called Attack Of The Show on the G4 Network, I still crave to see or in this case hear the old show! Leo Laport, the original host has a weekly Podcast show called Return Of The Screen Savers with Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose, two of the other hosts who were really good! The name is going change due to legal reasons and they are having a contest this week for a new name. Every Sunday there is a new Podcast show and this is week #2. It is only like 30 mins long, but I enjoy hearing all of my favorite hosts back and broadcasting a form of a show I enjoyed so much. I highly recommend this awesome Podcast about technology!

The Laporte Report – Cheezborger! Cheezborger!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Rachelle B. I found this site by accident last year and I am glad I did! My friend was asking me for other cool sites and I recommended this one! She does a great job with her Blog and she is a great photographer! Just checked it out and she visited the Billy Goat Tavern! Cool shots! I like checking in and seeing all the stuff I did when I was in Chicago and seeing what is going on there including the new Trump Tower they are putting in there!

New Star Tours Film!

Thank god they are doing a new Star Tours film! The other one needed work so bad!

Ok where are the next 3 movies!

George Lucas on the Star Wars Franchise
Source: Scott Chitwood April 23, 2005

“Star Wars” creator/writer/director George Lucas made his guest appearance at “Celebration III” this morning at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis and he talked about the franchise. About 9,000 fans had been lined up since midnight for a chance to see Lucas talk.

The event was hosted by actor Jay Laga’aia, who played Captain Typho in “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith,” though Lucas funnily made a mistake saying he thought Laga’aia played a Clone Trooper.

Lucas confirmed that they are working on two TV series. One will be a half hour 3-D computer animated series and the other is a live action series. The live action series will star some of the characters featured in the movies, though not the main characters. Lucas will kick-off the series himself. They are planning on writing the entire first season and then shooting Season One all at once. He mentioned Lucasfilm is aiming for a production start in about a year.

Also, George Lucas said that the “Star Tours” thrill ride at Disney-MGM Studios will be getting an overhaul soon. And he confirmed they are working on bringing the early 90’s TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to DVD as well.

Disney and Pixar talks could end their quarrel

Disney and Pixar talks could end their quarrel

By Nic Hopkins

THE Walt Disney Company and Pixar, which fell out spectacularly a year ago, are seeking to patch up their differences and renew the most lucrative pairing in Hollywood history.

Just over a year after the two film studios announced an end to their partnership, which has produced six consecutive global blockbusters and box office receipts of $2.7 billion (£1.4 billion), a new deal could be on the table.

Dick Cook, the head of Disney’s film studios, told The Times that it was “definitely our desire” to strike a new deal with Pixar in place of the one that will expire with the release of Cars next year.

“This has been probably the most successful relationship in the history of Hollywood,” Mr Cook said. “We’ve had a great working relationship with [Pixar]. It’s been about as easy as any has ever been in terms of making movies and distributing and marketing them,” he added during a visit to London this week.

“It’s definitely our desire to further the relationship with Pixar for years to come, and develop it even more, and we’re hopeful they feel the same way,” Mr Cook said.

Disney distributes all of Pixar’s films in exchange for 12.5 per cent of box office revenue, and the two companies split the profits from spin-offs. Disney also has the right to make sequels to the films made under the existing deal.

Pixar must have a new distributor in place before its eighth film is released in the summer of 2007. Now that the company is able to fund its own productions, and has an unprecedented string of hits to its name, it will not extend the same terms to any new partner. The likely outcome will be a flat distribution fee, probably linked to box office grosses.

Certainly, Pixar has been making it known that Disney is a handsome suitor, particularly since the media conglomerate announced that Michael Eisner would be replaced as chief executive by Bob Iger in September.

“We have always said that we were waiting for the changes at the helm of the [Disney] group before taking a decision,” said Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, last month.

“Now that it’s done and that there will be a new CEO in September, we will resume negotiations with Walt Disney, but also with other market players,” he said.

Such conciliatory tones are striking in their contrast with Disney and Pixar’s comments over the past year. “We feel sick about Disney doing [Pixar] sequels,” said Steve Jobs, the Apple chief who also heads Pixar, at the height of animosities between the two. At the time, Mr Jobs said: “If you look at their sequels, like Lion King 1½ . . . it’s pretty embarrassing.”

But Mr Cook has emerged as Hollywood’s premier diplomat, having successfully negotiated the smooth exit of Bob and Harvey Weinstein from Miramax last month. It also helps that he is on excellent terms with Mr Jobs. “We’re good friends; I talk to him all the time,” he said.

There remain significant hurdles that could block a renewal of vows between Pixar and Disney. One is the desire among the Hollywood studios to cut a deal with Pixar. Another is Disney’s development of its own computer animation unit with a view to making sequels to Pixar hits. The latter, in particular, is said to rankle with Pixar. Production of Toy Story 3 is expected to begin next year. Disney is also said to be fielding pitches for sequels to Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc.

But Mr Cook said that he was “hopeful that over the next several months we can have further discussions”.

Darth Tater! May The Spuds Be With You!

With the new Star Wars movie be less than a month away, I discovered all the new Star Wars toys are out! Lots of cool stuff! I do think they should have drawn the line at the Mr. Potato Head franchise!

I did play and discover Lego Star Wars The Video Game! God that game rocks! EVERYTHING is Lego in it! It is kid oriented but its a lot of fun! So go click on the link and go on over to Amazon and see all the fun new toys coming out! fun fun fun! Toys / Brands / Star Wars

Why Can’t Christmas Be In June :(

It is kind of funny how many digital cams I own or once owned! I do shoot tons and tons of digital photos, so it really pays off in the end! It seems Sony comes out with some amounts of new stuff around now. This new camera, the Cyber-shot DSC-H1 looks pretty solid!

Here are the specs:
5.1 Megapixel (2592 x 1944 Pixels)
12X optical zoom lens
2.5″ LCD monitor
Super SteadyShot Optical Image Stabilization
32MB flash memory built-in2

I was really looking for the stabilization feature for a long time and missed the bigger 12x lens! The 5 mega pixels are fine. I wish it was 7 or 8, but I will live! I really like using the memory stick. Also the pop up flash will eliminate red eye big time! Estimated shipping date 6/16/2005 | Cyber-shot | DSC-H1 Digital Camera

Another cool Sony Item is there new Ipod Shuffle like player! It looks awesome! It has a 50 hour battery with FM radio and a display!. Anyone want to buy am Ipod Shuffle 😉

Plays back ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus format and MP3 files, and supports WMA and WAV
Built in FM Tuner
A three minute charge will provide up to three hours of playback
One Handed Jog DialOperation
Up to 50 Hours of Playback Life with Rechargeable Embedded Battery
This item will be released on May 1, 2005 Electronics: Sony NW-E507 Network Walkman 1 GB Digital Music Player with FM Tuner

Mets Home Opener 2005

Mets Home Opener Photo Album – Click Here

Rally lifts Mets in home opener – Five runs in eighth make club a winner, 8-4 WOW WHAT A GAME! The Mets really had to produce a win or they would have been in HUGE TROUBLE!

Tom Sever On The Mound

I have been very excited for weeks now about going to the Mets Season opener! You know Next Year Is NOW according to them, until the season started, when you wish next year WAS now! But thank god the Mets pulled out a great win on Sunday and a major win in the home opener. What a GREAT GAME! I think this was possibly one of my favorite game next to the World Series a few years back! The game was great.

Stadium Looked AWESOME! New Video Screens and Scoreboards!

Generally the Mets poor it on early or mid game and usually stall out later in the game, but not in the home opener! Mid way through the game the players ran out and got ready to play. Something came up and Tom Glavine just started warming up. Like usual, the spectator at a ballpark is the last person to know what is going on. We later found out there was a Batters Eye Delay! What the hell! Without the wall changing back to a solid black, it is had for the batter to see a ball being pitched to them.

The rotating billboard in center field would not close and the game was delayed 14 minutes. It was pretty comical! Plan B was to just draping a black tarp over the sign THAT DID NOT WORK! They unraveled a few tarps, but THEY WERE NOT SECURED TO THE TOP, so they just fell to the ground! Way to comical! The crowd went nuts and they eventually got the problem fixed! TOO FUNNY!

When I took a trip to get some some food, I saw an attractive looking women just standing in front of the men’s room. I took a second look and realized it was Kelly Rippa! It was too funny cause I did have my handy camera in my pocket and asked her if I can take a quick shot! My hands were full with all my stuff and I still managed to get my classic self portrait in! She was very very cool and she obliged I impressed her with my photographic style!

I am sitting here Tuesday morning, watching Live With Regis and Kelly. She went into this whole wrap about the game and how awesome the game and even the hot dogs were. She sat with Willie Randolph’s family and had a great time! She them went into this HUGE rant about how she disliked the BATHROOMS! Classic, and how ladies should clean up the “splat” after they are done! She said she would rather use the urinal! Gelman shouted out how there is a device for women to use them and printed something out on it and gave it to them! It was very funny she talked about the game for 10 mins!

The Mets didn’t get hurt by just sitting around for the delay, they came back and won the game! My favorite moment was seeing John Franco on the OTHER TEAM! Those of you who don’t know Franco, he was a relief pitcher on the Mets who was the Captain of the team! Many, many, many times he blew the game for the Mets and I really DID NOT like him! I did not know the fate of him. Here I thought he retired or something but he is now on the Astros. When they did the opening day’s events, he got a big applause. They also did this big tribute to him on the Jumbotron. Sure enough they put him in the game and in his true style, gave up 2 runs! My prediction EXACTLY! I actually rooted and finally gave him some props! I now like John Franco! 😉



Mets Home Opener Photo Album – Click Here