Vote for the Worst – American Idol 4!

Howard talked about this today! TOO FUNNY! I am not buying its doing the damage to AI but who knows! I actually like Scott, he has heart and I liked some of his ealrier songs, although he has been sucking lately! 🙂

Vote for the Worst – American Idol 4!

American Idol is the most watched television series in the world, but a pattern has emerged that makes the show pretty boring. The producers and judges pick one contestant to “pimp” and this contestant ends up winning, making American Idol less a show where the viewers pick the winner and more a show where the judges and producers get the viewers to vote for who they like. Borrrrrrring.

So, here at, we have a solution. Help us by voting for the worst that American Idol has to offer. That’s right, vote for the bad contestants. Everyone knows that the best and most interesting part of the show are the bad auditions. Record numbers of people tune in to see who will become the next William Hung, but why let it stop there? Bad contestants sneak through the cracks all the time. Corey Clark, John Stevens, Jim Verraros, Leah Labelle… they were never meant to win and royally screwed up the competition by even making it to the finals in the first place. It’s entertaining and hilarious when these contestants make it past more deserving contestants. Besides, if you liked Nadia, Anwar, Jessica, or any of the people who have been kicked out, this is a way to send a message. The producers have been pimping Carrie and the rockers to win this show since the beginning. If you’re an Anthony or Vonzell fan, I hate to break it to you, but they won’t win. Why? Because the producers don’t want them to. They’ll be gone in the next few weeks, and you’ll be sad. Why not just Vote for the Worst?

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