Coors Light Billboard 2006

Summer is here again and that can only mean one thing, the new Coors Light Billboard is up! I think it came out pretty cool this year. Jacqui over at Shore Point Distributors came up with the concept and tag line and I did the shoot this year at The Headliner a few months ago. My main man Chris helped me piece and put everything together and there it is 🙂 It still is a great thrill to drive up to it for the first time and see something you worked on larger than life! Its also a great feeling overtime you drive by it and see it as well! I notice something different every time 🙂 Pretty Amazing!

Coors Light Billboard 2005

MCBJ, Brenna, Liz, Rosa, Melissa and Stephine

I was lucky enough to be ask to create and shoot this years Coors Light Billboard! It was my 6th billboard I created, (4th one for Coors Light) and I think it is the best one to date! With the help of Jacqui helping out with the concept and my AMAZING KICK ASS graphic designer Chris, the billboard came out AWESOME! As usual it was pretty cold when we shot the girls 2 months ago but the shoot came out really nice! We also incorporated Coors Light’s MC BJ who does an awesome job MC’ing out at a lot of the Coors events!



I am a little excited again 🙂

It is not every day you design, shoot and create a billboard 🙂

3 locations this year!

Route 138 / 35 intersection in Belmar

Route 36 east 1/2 mile past Monmouth Mall

And Route 9 South in Freehold

Also featured last week in the Asbury Park Press!


UPDATE! 7/9/04

Another one went up! 🙂

My hometown of Old Bridge! Route 9 North! This is also Helen’s hometown so I invited her down to check it out with me! We are both excited about this location 🙂

Coors Light Billboard – July 1st :)

I am very excited to announce and share the latest billboard design I have created for NJ Coors Light! Another shout out to my man Chris and my CL Girls and Jaqs for an excellent job on the project! I was told it is hitting the Billboards tomorrow for the big weekend and one of the places in in Old Bridge, right near where I grew up!

Billboard design by 360 Multimedia LLC