Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride


For fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, this movie is for you! I am a fan of all the above and to get not one Tim Burton movie (Willy Wonka) but TWO movies in one year, makes me extremely excited! Make sure and check out the trailer for this awesome looking stop motion movie! The Warner Bros logo alone looks incredible!

RobFuz’s 34th Birthday :)

WOW! I truly had a great Birthday! Thanks to everyone who remembered and came out and hung with me at Jenks and came over my house to celebrate my birthday! Turning 34 sounds like I am OLD πŸ™ hehe I got over it quick today and had a great time with my friends and family! I played shout about the movies again today and I am still undefeated πŸ™‚ Ok thanks again to everyone who has emailed me and left feedback on here! It still isn’t too late and you can leave feedback on this message.

Happy Birthday this week to Angela, my cousin Candace, Mike Gilligan, Jenn D, Dayna, Fillipo Anna and soon Lidia, Jesse, Mike Crocco and Craig Elo the L Train! πŸ™‚ phew a lot of birthdays!

Happy Birthday To Me :)

It is officially in the middle of birthday weekend! God, do I milk my birthday πŸ˜‰ January 30th I will be 34! πŸ™ That sounds so OLD hehe, O well, what can you do! So much is going on in my life and as usual, NEW GADGETS!

Delorme Bluelogger

My mother got me a Bluetooth GPS for my laptop! The Delorme Bluelogger is AWESOME! I had it in Florida and it came in handy a few times! I am using DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2005 and it is pretty amazing! I opted to get the Bluetooth version because I am running Street Atlas for the Pocket PC as well! It draws where you go and visually and verbally gives you directions where ever you need to go. It also remaps and redraws yours maps if you go an alternate way or if you make a wrong turn!


Apple – iPod shuffle

I also picked up before Florida the NEW IPOD SHUFFLE! You may have seen me wearing it in a few photos from Florida. I got the 512 meg version rather than the 1 gig because, that’s all they had πŸ™ no big πŸ™ It is AWESOME though! My bud Chris and I were checking out Engadget.com and notice people love it or hate it! Ok it is kind of a pain not seeing what is being played, but I do truly love it! I wear it around my neck and it is so damn light! I got about like 100 song one there and truly just put what I want on it! 12 Hour Battery and it recharges in my USB port so I don’t need to lug anything else! I record Howard Stern and take it with me on there and it truely is a great piece of hardware! It also acts as a thumb drive and I really love it!

Went to The Headliner last night saw Daddy Pop and will be at Jenks tomorrow, January 30th from like 1:30 – 3:30 for the relief benefit and to celebrate my birthday a lil. What do I waqnt for my birthday? hmmmmm Got the new laptop how about a new DESKTOP COMPUTER!!! hehe Check back to see what I get πŸ˜‰

For my birthday, Everyone please post some COMMENTS! πŸ™‚ Thanks

Orlando Shots Part 2!

Well my vacation came to an end, or did it! ? We took off Saturday morning heading to NY and wouldn’t you know almost to our destination, the plane turned around and headed back to Florida! πŸ™ I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of getting home on Monday. The sad part is it is going to be a low of 31 degrees here tomorrow πŸ™

Ok on with the rest of the shots!

Sea World

Gotta Love Shamu

The Real One!

Sea World


Animal Kingdom! I Finished it in 3 Hours!

Brand New Ride Expedition Everest!

Brand New Ride Expedition Everest!

Brand New Ride Expedition Everest!

Brand New Ride Expedition Everest!


I Am A Bug!

Off To The Magic Kingdom To Conquer Buzz Lightyear!

Busted The Ride Twice! Go For The Claw! 100,000 Each Hit! It Is Tough Though!


Haunted Mansion Still Love That Ride!

Caught The Parade!

My Traditional Mickey Pop!

Off To Epcot! 3 Parks In One Day! I LOVE MEXICO My Fav Resturant In Epcot!

Spaceship Earth At Night

MGM Disney Studios

Love The Billboard!

Backlot Tour

New Stunt Show Not Open Yet!

Tower Of Terror

Ok Im Out Ill Write More Soon!


I am in Florida More Details Later! Here Are Some Pics πŸ™‚

Stitch The Escape, New Ride In The Magic Kingdom

Jos And Rob πŸ™‚

Buzz Lightyear! Love That Ride!

Pretty Lame Score But I Am Out Of Practice πŸ˜‰

Lyz and Steve My Partners In Crime! Kamakazi!

Us Outside The Castle!

The Castle At Night

My First Time On Stitch! It Was SoSo

Space Mountain

Rock And Roller Coaster!

Tower Of Terror 4!


Disney / MGM Studios Icon


Spaceship Earth

Dinner At The NBA Resturant

Drinking A Hurricaine At Pat O’Brien’s Checking Out The Dueling Pianos

Universal Studios

Universal Studio Arch

Revenge OfThe Mummy The Ride That Took Over King Kong! It’s Awesome!


Men In Black Awesome Ride Went On It 6 Times!

Men In Black

My Best Score

Fuz And Shrek


Dinner At Emeril’s Tchoup Chop

Lisa And I At Tchoup Chop

Beltran on Verge of Following Martinez to Mets

Excite – Sports News

Are the Mets actually making good moves? Will they get one of the Astros Killer B’s πŸ™‚ I remember seeing him during the World Series and hearing about him at the All Star Game in Houston! Very excited and hey may watch and even go to a few games this year πŸ˜‰ Hopefully the Yankees won’t step in and blow the deal!

NEW YORK (AP) – Carlos Beltran is on the verge of following Pedro Martinez to the New York Mets.

A day after the All-Star outfielder let the deadline to re-sign with Houston pass, the Mets worked Sunday to structure a $119 million, seven-year contract that will include an $11 million signing bonus, a lawyer involved in the talks said on condition of anonymity.

The Mets, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2000, just last month lured Martinez from the Boston Red Sox with a $53 million, four-year deal. They declined comment on their talks with Beltran.

New York and Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, spent Sunday negotiating the salaries for each season, the amount of deferred payments and the schedule of when the money will be paid, the source and another person involved in the talks said, also on condition of anonymity.

They hoped to reach a preliminary agreement on the specifics of the contract by Sunday night, have Beltran come to New York for a physical Monday and announce the deal Tuesday – the last day before a change in federal rules makes signing bonuses subject to increased taxes.

Across town, the Yankees planned to announce their acquisition of Randy Johnson on Tuesday, too. The Big Unit also was to have his physical in New York on Monday, the last step needed to finalize the drawn-out trade talks for a deal in which the Yankees will send to Arizona pitchers Javier Vazquez and Brad Halsey, catcher Dioner Navarro and $9 million.

Beltran, who helped Houston come within a victory of its first World Series last year, will became the 10th player in baseball history to agree to a deal worth $100 million or more – and the first since Jason Giambi got a $120 million, seven-year contract from the New York Yankees in December 2001.

His average salary of $17 million will tie Houston’s Jeff Bagwell for the seventh-highest, trailing only Alex Rodriguez ($25.2 million), Manny Ramirez ($20 million), Derek Jeter ($18.9 million), Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds (both $18 million), and Jason Giambi ($17.1 million).

Houston offered a guaranteed $100 million, seven-year contract, which included a $14 million option for 2012 with a $2 million buyout, an Astros executive said Sunday on condition of anonymity. If the option were exercised, the deal would have been worth $112 million over eight seasons.

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Cool cover shot and article on George Lucus and the latest Star Wars movie coming this summer! The shot is AMAZING taken by Annie Leibovitz, who is one of my favorite photographers.

This month, Vanity Fair magazine celebrates the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith with magnificent photos of the actors and crew taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, and an exclusive interview with George Lucas. The Star Wars creator reveals several secrets, including explaining midi-chlorians once and for all, as well as giving his own views as to why Darth Vader should be regarded less as the ultimate monster than as a potential hero who made all the wrong choices throughout his journey.

Lucas Reveals Vader’s True Side to Vanity Fair

I also noticed the new dude General Grievous. I never saw him before so I went to my Star Wars expert Chris for more details. The Guy looks AWESOME!

fuz (4:09:14 PM): Ok Who the hell is General Grievous?

fuz (4:09:27 PM): Ive seen him TWICE today and have no clue who he is

Chris (4:09:50 PM): He’s this half machine half alien military General who I think works for the sith

Chriss (4:10:11 PM): not sure where he comes from however

fuz (4:10:20 PM): Is he the “New” Boba Fett?

Chris (4:10:34 PM): he may very well be

fuz (4:10:36 PM): Is he a main character?

fuz (4:10:50 PM): and is he REAL or like that ass Jarr Jarr

fuz (4:10:52 PM): hehe

Chris (4:11:25 PM): I believe he will have a Darth Maul type role

Chris (4:11:32 PM): and he will be all CG

Chris (4:11:58 PM): probably minimal screen time

Chris (4:12:18 PM): but he will be a major presence

Chris(4:21:46 PM): everything you need to know

2004 – A Year In Pictures

Goo Goo Dolls – June 04

Underwater – June 04

The Late Indian Larry – AC June 04

Sterling Marlin, Jese – BlueClaws – June 04

Andrews Graduation – June 04

Shoot For The Coors Light Billboard – June 04

Coors Light Billboard – June 04

Wildwood – June 04

Van Halen – June 04

Self Portrait – July 04

Self Portrait, Daddy Pop – July 04

Sand Castle Contest, Glen – July 04

Hurricaine Harbor With My Pal Evan – July 04

4th Of July With The Girls – July 04

Gene’s Birthday – July 04

All Star Game – Houston – July 04

All Star Game – The Los Lonely Boys – Houston – July 04

Pietra’s Sweet 16 – July 04

Harold’s – July 04

Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander – July 04

Shopping – August 04

Italy – August 04

Italy – August 04

Italy – August 04

Italy – August 04

Italy – August 04

Italy – August 04

Italy – August 04

Italy – August 04

September 11th, 2004

Another AC Trip – September 04

My First Trip To Yankee Stadium – September 04

Coors Light Promotion – October 04

Bon Jovi – November 04

NYC – December 04