Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Cool cover shot and article on George Lucus and the latest Star Wars movie coming this summer! The shot is AMAZING taken by Annie Leibovitz, who is one of my favorite photographers.

This month, Vanity Fair magazine celebrates the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith with magnificent photos of the actors and crew taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, and an exclusive interview with George Lucas. The Star Wars creator reveals several secrets, including explaining midi-chlorians once and for all, as well as giving his own views as to why Darth Vader should be regarded less as the ultimate monster than as a potential hero who made all the wrong choices throughout his journey.

Lucas Reveals Vader’s True Side to Vanity Fair

I also noticed the new dude General Grievous. I never saw him before so I went to my Star Wars expert Chris for more details. The Guy looks AWESOME!

fuz (4:09:14 PM): Ok Who the hell is General Grievous?

fuz (4:09:27 PM): Ive seen him TWICE today and have no clue who he is

Chris (4:09:50 PM): He’s this half machine half alien military General who I think works for the sith

Chriss (4:10:11 PM): not sure where he comes from however

fuz (4:10:20 PM): Is he the “New” Boba Fett?

Chris (4:10:34 PM): he may very well be

fuz (4:10:36 PM): Is he a main character?

fuz (4:10:50 PM): and is he REAL or like that ass Jarr Jarr

fuz (4:10:52 PM): hehe

Chris (4:11:25 PM): I believe he will have a Darth Maul type role

Chris (4:11:32 PM): and he will be all CG

Chris (4:11:58 PM): probably minimal screen time

Chris (4:12:18 PM): but he will be a major presence

Chris(4:21:46 PM): everything you need to know

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