The New Facebook Profile / Timeline

Well it was announced last week by Mark Zuckerberg himself, the new look and features of Facebook!  There seems like not only is the entire look of Facebook is on the verge of changing the way you will access it!  I read that at the upcoming Apple big press conference to announce the new iPhone and products, they will announce the new HD app for the iPad and I am sure a new one for the iPhone!  The new profile Looks really cool and you can apply to use it in advance at the link!  Leo Laporte, THE Tech Guy is calling this a major PIVOT for Facebook to make these changes!  He feels it is very risky!  He brings up a great point that people really trusted Facebook because it was a private closed system.  He brought up that it is becoming more and more public.  The subscription thing, the live feed on what everything everyone is doing thing is starting to piss everyone off!  Just look at the HUGE revolt in the past week on these few small changes!   Its funny, people are threatening to go back to My____ , No thanks! October will be an interesting month for Facebook!  I hope the 1/2 a billion users a DAY don’t PIVOT!

Sony’s SMP-N200

Sony’s SMP-N200 player set to take on Roku, Apple TV for $99 next month
By Richard Lawler posted Sep 18th 2011 9:22PM


The successor to Sony’s underappreciated Netbox was introduced at IFA recently, and now the company has revealed pricing for the SMP-N200 in the United States. It’ll be on sale for $99 in October, and updates the old box with support for 3D, live streaming content and other unspecified new features. The original featured then-impressive support for local media playback and streaming, but does the Blu-ray-less wonder does it have what it takes in 2011? If it has a UI refresh and access to comparable sources thanks to Sony’s now streamlined Video Unlimited / Music Unlimited media approach then this could play well as a one-two punch with a connected PC, phone or tablet. We’ll find out next month, check out the details after the break or our hands on pics from CEDIA here.

RobFuz(esi).com & WordPress

Hey everyone

Wait a sec, I need to blow off some dust on my ol BLOG!  As you can see I converted my old blog to a WordPress system!  I am really impressed with WordPress and plan on using it in all of my companies sites! I am very excited about the possibilites and the capabilities of what I can do with it!  Also you may have noticed a new domain name!  I registered recently because I accidentally let lapse and some Asian person snagged it!  Oh well, you snooze, you loose, so I am now going under a domain name that is 3 letters longer 🙂  I also set up word press on my custom server!  This is something I wanted to do from day one of blogging and that alone is cool to server my own blog on my own site with amazing themes and plugins!  I am imported my old blog and will try to keep up with my site more often!  Welcome Back! 🙂

Sightsee By Space

Famous sites, buildings, and natural wonders viewed from space. is a collection of famous sites, buildings, and natural wonders viewed from space. Please choose from our categories below or search for your favorite location. is a collection of famous sites, buildings, and natural wonders viewed from space. Please choose from our categories below or search for your favorite location.”

– Pretty Cool! I liked looking at places wher I had been and trying to look around the map and find other cool spots 🙂