VMware Fusion 4

– Been wanting to buy Fusion for a while and I am glad I held out 🙂

VMware Fusion 4 levels up for Lion virtualization

by Michael RoseSep 14th 2011 at 8:00AM

Winter turns to spring, night to dawn… and the two 800 lb. gorillas of the Mac virtualization market trade updates once again. A fortnight ago it was Parallels 7 hitting with a new release, and today we note the debut of VMware Fusion 4.

The new version of the virtual PC tool from the enterprise experts in virtualization looks to offer better performance, easier virtual disk resizing, a reboot-free drag and drop install, more graceful migration for PC to Mac switchers, and a no-compromises story on Lion compatibility both for the host and the virtual machine.

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Windows 8 Previewed Today at BUILD

The next generation of Windows is coming and it looks pretty bad ass!  This is a HUGE jump from Windows 7 and has the cool Microsoft tile look!  The Windows 8 Tablet looks very cool!  People are already saying its iPad and the Windows tablet will be the only 2 competitive tablets out there!

Check It Out :

Windows 8 Previewed at BUILD

Windows 8

The keynote finished a few hours ago at BUILD where Steven Sinofsky and other members of his engineering leadership team shared a detailed preview of the next major Windows release codenamed “Windows 8” to the thousands of developers in attendance here in Anaheim.

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– Watch The Keynote from Build