Steve Jobs keynote live from Macworld 2006

Steve Jobs keynote live from Macworld 2006 – Engadget: “Steve Jobs keynote live from Macworld 2006”

Always fun when Steve Jobs does his keynote speechs. Today he announced mainly that the Intel chips are here in Macs and they are shipping today! Pretty cool news, I will see what you can actually do with them now. Can you run PC programs? We will see 🙂 Check it out! Also a new FM transmitter / remote for the Ipod with dock conectors and some new SNL content on Itunes.

The New iPod with video & PJ’s King Kong

I got my lil mitts on the latest 5th generation ipod with video! I must admit, it is really really nice! Its a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be and everything I expected. The screen is real nice in color and very smooth interface! I am totally not used to for one thing color and photos let alone streaming video on an ipod! They had 2 videos on the ipods to demo. A preview of the new movie Curious George and the trailer for King Kong! The video played real smooth and it sounded amazing on those Bose headphones they always push 🙂 It is a MUST HAVE gift for me this Christmas and I am looking forward to getting the 60 gig 🙂 I am actually GLAD I did not buy the ipod nano and held out for this bad boy!

Speaking of King Kong, you MUST go to the Apple site and check out the new 2 plus minute, making of video they have on there! The movie looks AMAZING and I am really looking forward to it!

Apple-Trailers-King Kong

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Peter Jackson’s King Kong