I have been looking into the Free Ipod thing for a while now and I am convinced its a good deal!

Click Here For The Free Ipod Link! Please use this link ONLY!

I saw a piece on one of my favorite shows The Screen Savers, a show on Tech TV. He did it with his girlfriend and they successfully received their Ipods after 2 months!

I did a google search too and found this article on Wired!

Looks cool! You sign up for 1 service (I signed up for the Blockbuster Online rental program) and refer 5 friends and bam u get a FREE IPOD! You can get a Mini or the new 20 gig! Keep in mind the minis are only 4 gig, but look mighty fine! Or you can get a $250.00 buck gift certificate to ITUNES, which is rather cool as well.

I am warning everyone now. you may not get the Blockbuster Offer, I got It but one of my buddies DID NOT get that offer. Here are the other offers for your enrolment

Complete 1 of the offers: Blockbuster Online, USA Today, BMG Music Service, Video Professor,, MyInks, GM Card, The Literary Guild, Nexiderm,AHA Property Tax Reduction, Columbia House DVD

So be prepared to get something else!

Here is the article I read : Click Here For An Article on Wired!

Making Free IPods Pay Off –

By Leander Kahney | 02:00 AM Aug. 18, 2004 PT

Unless you’re extremely gullible, the promise of getting a free iPod from looks extremely dubious.

But surprisingly, the site appears to be legitimate. The program almost certainly isn’t a dodgy pyramid scheme; it’s a new form of online marketing supported by companies like eBay, AOL and Columbia House.

Here’s how it works: promises an iPod or a $250 gift certificate to anyone who signs up for various online promotions and persuades five other people to participate.

Subscribers are given a choice of 10 different offers, including a 45-day trial of AOL and a two-week trial of’s genealogy service. Typically, the offers are free and easily canceled.

Once the trials are over — for both the main subscriber and the referrals — the free iPod is dispatched.

Again please do me a solid and sign up off my link

Click Here For The Free Ipod Link! Please use this link ONLY!

From Alex’s Site From The Screen Savers:

Alex Albrecht: “FREE IPOD’s Works!!!

Well it’s official… I got my free ipod in the mail!!! Actually both my girlfriend and I got them in the mail! really works…

It did take close to two months but hey free freaking iPods!!! This is great.

After Sarah did some great iPod software segments on the show I was starting to get jealous. Now I’m Podcasting and using iPod Agent with the rest of the enlightened world…

– Alex”

Thanks and good luck getting 5 people!

Baseball Dominates Ratings – World Series 04

Baseball Leads Fox to Dominate Ratings

AWESOME NEWS! – Baseball has been awesome lately! Between Boston and The Yanks and The Astros / Cardinals, baseball has really been HOT! I was wondering how the ratings are doing and how the Red Sox have effected baseball! As many of you know, I look at baseball a lot of times as the business of baseball! I felt all along that no offence to my Yankee fan friends, the Tanks loosening is GREAT for baseball, because it is not as predictable! I am also hoping the Red Soxs win so we don’t have to hear about the “Curse” anymore! hehe Anyway I am really looking forward to game 3 tonight! Rooting for what Jos and I call “SAMPSON” Johnny Damon to kick ass some more! Jos is off in St Louis with a great view of the arch from her hotel room. She is defiantly in foul ball territory so we will be looking for her tonight!

Baseball Leads Fox to Dominate Ratings – Oct 26

NEW YORK (AP) – Baseball has been very, very good to Fox.

Classic seven-game league championship series and the start of a World Series involving two storied franchises led Fox to its best week in prime-time ratings in 2 1/2 years, Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday.

The climactic game of the Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees American League series drew 31.5 million television viewers, the most-watched baseball game since Game 7 of the 2001 World Series.

The thrilling sixth game of the ALCS, the third of four straight do-or-die games won by the Red Sox, had 25.1 million viewers, Nielsen said.

The World Series between the Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals also started strong. Saturday’s first game was the most-watched World Series opening game since 1996.

Boston Red Sox : The Official Site

St. Louis Cardinals : The Official Site

Major League Baseball : World Series


WOW! I finally took the plunge and got my new LAPTOP! I really wanted something that is small and has a killer battery! I think I got it with this brand spanking new Ultra Portable machine! I was excited to see that Sony JUST released it! I was on the fence over the IBM Ultra Portable laptop or this, but this won out! Up to an 8 Hour battery and 1 gig of RAM, DVD Burner and a great price compared to the old model, this one was the one to get! Grant it, it is a STEEP price, but my last notebook held up since 1998 and I loved it dearly!

I will give a full review when I get it!

The Sony® VGN-T170P/L helps you stay productive while on the go with lightweight, portable features. A widescreen display with XBRITE™ LCD technology, long battery life and a unique, compact design makes it easy to bring with you everywhere. The integrated DVD±RW drive allows you to watch, edit and burn professional quality DVDs using Click to DVD™ software. Distinctive, stylish design and premium functions combine to create the ultimate mobile companion. This complete multimedia package is the only tool you’ll need for effective, powerful information delivery.

Yankee Playoffs! – Miramax Promos

New York Yankees : The Official Site

WOW WHAT A GAME! WHAT A SERIES! Boston does not give up! Got to love it! Looking forward to tonight’s game! I have been super busy with all the Coors Light Miramax Promos! We got all the kinks out and it is a great time for all! – Miramax Events!

Here is this weeks events! Come down and hang!

Cryans, Bridgewater – Date: 10-14-2004 -10:00 PM

Jenkinsons, Point Pleasant – Date: 10-15-2004 – 10:30 PM

Chubbys, Red Bank – Date: 10-16-2004 – 11:00 PM


HEY GANG! I’ll be at all the Miramz Promotions This month,

so come down and have a beer with me! :



Be Honest, Be Shocking, Be Memorable!

October 9th – Forked River House, Forked River – 10:00 PM

October 14th – Cryans, Bridgewater – 10:00 PM

October 15th – Jenkinsons, Point Pleasant – 10:30 PM

Miramax audtitions & Brian Kirk & Coors Light ROCK ALL NIGHT LONG!

October 16th – Chubby’s, Red Bank 11:00 PM

Howard Stern to Broadcast on Sirius Radio in 2006

Howard Stern to Broadcast on Sirius Radio in 2006

Howard Stern to Broadcast on Sirius Radio in 2006 – Oct 6, 9:51 am ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Howard Stern, one of the most popular U.S. radio personalities, on Wednesday said he will broadcast his show on Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. beginning in 2006, after being dropped earlier this year from several stations that objected to his often off-color humor.

By luring Stern away from his current employer, Viacom Inc.’s Infinity Broadcasting, the deal gives a shot in the arm to satellite radio overall, a new business built on attracting subscribers to dozens of radio stations broadcast digitally.

It also gives Sirius, whose shares rose about 17 percent in early trading, a boost in its rivalry with its larger competitor XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. .

Sirius currently has more than 600,000 subscribers, a small amount compared to Stern’s current audience on broadcast radio, where he ranks No. 1 in 46 large markets across the country, including New York and Los Angeles.

But many analysts have said that a move to satellite radio gives Stern more freedom to broadcast his show.

Indecency on the airwaves became a national issue in January when Janet Jackson bared a breast during the National Football League’s Super Bowl half-time show.

Since then, Clear Channel Communications, which kicked Stern off six of its stations, was fined $1.75 million by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to settle all indecency complaints.

Sirius said it would need to add 1 million subscribers to cover the cost of the five-year deal. The company estimates total production and operating costs for the show to be about $100 million annually. XM shares fell nearly 3 percent in early trading.