Baseball Dominates Ratings – World Series 04

Baseball Leads Fox to Dominate Ratings

AWESOME NEWS! – Baseball has been awesome lately! Between Boston and The Yanks and The Astros / Cardinals, baseball has really been HOT! I was wondering how the ratings are doing and how the Red Sox have effected baseball! As many of you know, I look at baseball a lot of times as the business of baseball! I felt all along that no offence to my Yankee fan friends, the Tanks loosening is GREAT for baseball, because it is not as predictable! I am also hoping the Red Soxs win so we don’t have to hear about the “Curse” anymore! hehe Anyway I am really looking forward to game 3 tonight! Rooting for what Jos and I call “SAMPSON” Johnny Damon to kick ass some more! Jos is off in St Louis with a great view of the arch from her hotel room. She is defiantly in foul ball territory so we will be looking for her tonight!

Baseball Leads Fox to Dominate Ratings – Oct 26

NEW YORK (AP) – Baseball has been very, very good to Fox.

Classic seven-game league championship series and the start of a World Series involving two storied franchises led Fox to its best week in prime-time ratings in 2 1/2 years, Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday.

The climactic game of the Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees American League series drew 31.5 million television viewers, the most-watched baseball game since Game 7 of the 2001 World Series.

The thrilling sixth game of the ALCS, the third of four straight do-or-die games won by the Red Sox, had 25.1 million viewers, Nielsen said.

The World Series between the Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals also started strong. Saturday’s first game was the most-watched World Series opening game since 1996.

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