The man is truly amazing! The shot is a classic! I am def giving him the 13 and 1/2 I was there and in 1 take he pulled off a big hit! Good night had by all! Thanks for the awesome cheese steak! My challenge ahead of me will be a tough one! I am at the Sea Shell in LBI, Lets see what I can do!


Self Portrait “8”

It is great getting everyone in on the action! Checked out Daddy Pop and my pal Gene knows about the Gleny Challenge, so he got together the band Daddy Pop to get in on our latest self portrait group shot! GREAT JOB GUYS! We were one man short so we got Robert the bartender to stand in! Thanks Rob!

I felt pretty damn good about tonight’s shot! I met up with the man himself, Gleny over at Patrick’s Pub and told him all about it! He then perceived to blow me away and get a shot with a bunch of people! We’ll see how he comes in tomorrow! I even got in the shot! πŸ˜‰


Gleny (1:13:30 AM): neither of those guys are lookin at the cam? does that count? and you need 2 eyes?

i would have to see the full size pic to make sure it was legit

RobFuz wants to send file F:NJ Coors Elements 7_23_04DSC06437.JPG (1:14:25 AM).

Gleny (1:14:42 AM): shit i need 8… it is ok, i wanna make you look good on your blog, but tomorrow i am just gonna finish this

Gleny received F:NJ Coors Elements 7_23_04DSC06437.JPG (1:14:43 AM).

RobFuz (1:14:54 AM): hehe – i wanna be in the shot

Gleny (1:15:01 AM): ok, they both count

Gleny (1:15:10 AM): so the leader is 9

Gleny (1:15:17 AM): do you tell them what you are doing?

RobFuz (1:15:34 AM): no its cheap they just snuck in

RobFuz(1:15:44 AM): i was kind of teasing u can discount it

Fatherglen (1:15:55 AM): ok, so tied at 7?

Gleny (1:16:00 AM): your call you are officiating

RobFuz (1:16:28 AM): ok tied at 7!

O well tomorrow is another day! πŸ™‚

F Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci

A Quick Note! Saw Joe Pesci tonight, not only did he not allow the Coors Team a photo, he insulted my girl Rosa by her saying she just wanted to say hi and he snapped back you already did!

F Joe Pesci He hasn’t even made a movie in 6 years! πŸ˜›

Hey I respect someones privacy, but dont be rude!

Gleny Strikes Back! @ 7

In a message dated 7/24/2004 2:22:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Gleny writes: 7 drunks and me…. and i still haven’t used the wide angle camera yet

The calenge was on Friday! I was real excited and my Coors gang was ready for the chanlenge! Here was my best!

What the hell was I thinking? 6 People! I knew I needed better than that!

With a few shots in the round, the strays always come in to save the day! Ok I know it’s cheap but hey I will take the numbers any way I can! I fit one more in that was cut out of the earlier shot and got 2 more strays making my cheap total 9 People! (that damn one guy turned around hehe) I hopefully will see Gleny tomorrow and will hopefully go head to head for the next round πŸ™‚

Coors Light July Schedule

Summer is 1/2 way gone πŸ™

I will be working almost every night for the rest of July for NJ

Did you come out and visit me yet?

Here are all the gigs!

7/22 – Jenks

7/23 – Blueclaw Happy Hour 5:30 and Elements Lounge – 10pm

7/24 – Beach Ball At The Surf Club – Afternoon

7/25 – Leggetts – 10pm

7/26 – Martell’s Tiki Bar – Night

7/28 – The Quarterdeck With Big Orange Cone – 10pm – LBI

7/29 – The Sea Shell – 10pm – LBI

7/30 – Windansea- 10pm

7/31 – MArtell’s Tiki Bar – 2pm

So no excue come on out and get on the site!

The Gleny Self-Portrait Challenge

I have a lil challenge on the table wanted to share with everyone. I saw my bud out the other night and we got to talking about our sites! I started the lil self portrait gallery the other day and Gleny is the king of the self portraits, so somehow I came up with the challenge of seeing how many people we can fit in a shot at one time! The only rule we agreed upon was that you have to see the persons eye in order for the shot to count! hehe – Gleny being Gleny took the challenge and came up with his first ante –

Re: I will start simple….the ante is 5

The man is good, I am not throwing down defeat, but 2 things scare me. He asked if he could get extra points for animals and musical instruments! :O This guy is good! He also has on order the latest Canon camera with a wide angle lens! I’m screwed! πŸ™ O well my turn and I am at Jenks tonight, one of my favorite clubs! Let’s see how I do! Stay Tuned this may become interesting! I love a challenge!

Gangbusting Harold’s!

For those of you who do not know of Harold’s (a rather large deli/restaurant in Edison), let me enlighten you in our experience! For Dean’s birthday we took him out to his place of choice, Harold’s.

I have been there before and know of the magnitude of the food there! Their sandwiches are literally enough meat for a good 5-6 people, it is insane! As Jos put it, Dean, Billy and I were like GANGBUSTERS! hehe. We ordered 2 smaller sandwiches for 3 people! All said and done we had enough leftovers for another 6 sandwiches or more. I have my lunch still for tomorrow!

Dean went the bacon cheeseburger route, with at least a pound of bacon! Unreal

Check out just one of our sandwiches!

The cakes are HUGE! Dean said he literally cut 15 slices from one piece of cake last time he was there! Although it was Dean’s birthday, we all agreed to throw in the towel and NOT get the cake!

All in all, the damage was done! Don’t know when I will be ever back there again! It was a birthday event to speak about for years to come! Can we go back to hibachi next year πŸ˜‰

Happy Sweet 16 Pietra!

Hope you had an AWESOME birthday party! Thank you for letting me light a candle! The party ROCKED! Any party that featured at least 5 BJ songs are the BEST! πŸ™‚


MLB All Star Game 2004

Where do I begin? It took a bit to get to writing this from the sure drain of travel.  Coming home we had a 6 hour layover from Houston to NJ, Crazy! I am home and recovering dwelling back on the big game!  At that point I was all pumped!  The whole Piazza – Clemens thing alone, pumped me up.  My seats were perfect for the big showdown.  They were warming up on the field right in front of me. 


Well didn’t you know it, nothing happened!  What did happen was Roger Clemens blowing the game, again, for the National League.  Just thinking about it now, this kind of WAS a victory for Mike, although he wasn’t lighting Minute Maid Park on fire. 

From the 6 run deficit Clemens dug, the rest of he game was down hill.  It really did not help the night before the homerun derby was so kick ass and we wound up at 3 parties, you can see the let down.  Granted I am spoiled but having the American Idol talent entertain the crowd, no fly over from jets overhead, no pre-game or post game entertainment??? How could it stack up too years past??? Due to the first inning, 6 run hole. 

All in all the experience was great the pre game party ROCKED great party!  Believe it or not the Los Lonely Boys were great; I can see why Sony signed them.  3 guys who jammed most of the time and he was a great guitar player.  Their hit “Heaven” topped off the party excellent time.

The Los Lonely Boys

All said and done you can see how my week went in Houston from all my past blogs!  From the day we landed and saw the 107 degree temperature on the shuttle cars van, to the 6 hour layover, it was an adventure not to be forgotten.

All Star Workout Day and Home Run Derby 2004

Major League Baseball : Events : 2004 All-Star Game: Home Run Derby

WOW, What a killer Home Run Derby! It was awesome! The 2 players that were added last minute, really kicked ass! (From – The Orioles’ Miguel Tejada won the Home Run Derby, edging Houston’s Lance Berkman with five homers in the final. Tejada set two records Monday night, hitting 27 homers on the evening and a record 15 in the second round.

The place went ape sh*t for Lance, the hometown favorite! I was rooting for both but with Miguel having the chance to break the record for most home runs, I was on his side! Bonds and Sosa pretty much disappointed everyone! I was going in rooting for Bonds, but what can you do. It was so amazing seeing all the home run legends! From McGire to Willie Mays to Hank Aaron, it was truly amazing! Another cool thing was seeing the stadium roof open in like 18 mins! Another truly amazing site to see!

Went to not one, not two but three parties yesterday! The ESPN Center Field pre-party, thanks to my new bud Lisa πŸ™‚ Thanks Lisa! We also went to the Gala after the HRD and the MLBPA party! They all were a lot of fun!

All Star Sunday – Legends & Celebrity Game 2004

Made it to the stadium!

Another day down here in Houston! I am having a blast!

The celeb game was pretty good!

Seven Mary Three doing 2 new songs I never heard of! ? Where was Cumbersome πŸ™

Nick Lachey With Jimmey Kimmel

I was very disappointed no Brooke Burke but Leeanne Tweeden was a good substitution πŸ™‚ Nick Lachey did pretty good!

The game was a blowout as usual! The games on tonight on ESPN if you wanna check it out.

Minute Maid Park is a nice stadium. It is a little odd in shape, but you gotta love any modern stadium! I really did not venture out and check it out as much as I hoped to, but will later today πŸ™‚

Here is the train that moves and blows its whistle when a player hits a homer and crosses the plate! Very Cool!

Today is the Home Run Derby! Best part of the trip! Make sure to check back for those updates! Tomorrow is the big game, should be a lot of fun!

MLB FanFest 2004

Major League Baseball : Events : 2004 All-Star Game: FanFest and Commissioner’s Town Hall

FANFEST Today, Followed by the Celeb Softball Game!

FanFest / Celeb Game Shots

Celeb Softball game :

“Celebrities scheduled to appear include ABC late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, actor Matthew Modine (who recently played the role of Honus Wagner in TNT’s movie ‘That Winning Season’), singer Nick Lachey (no word on Jessica), former Phi Slamma Jamma star Clyde Drexler, swimsuit model/show host Brooke Burke, and Bill Rancic — recent winner of the TV smash ‘The Apprentice.'”

Major League Baseball : News

MLB 2004 All-Star Game: Sunday

Seven Mary 3

We may go see Hoobastank at a private party! At last a cool band πŸ™‚

All Star Game 2004 Day 1!

Hey Gang

Im on high speed and just adding a quick update! Smooth flight got here, awesome hotel, killer view! Check out the shot, the hotel over looks Minute Maid Park!

Also check out the photo gallery and live page I will be updating that along with the blog!

I am off! It is 107 degrees here before itΒ poredΒ a few minutes ago! πŸ™‚



I am a little excited again πŸ™‚

It is not every day you design, shoot and create a billboard πŸ™‚

3 locations this year!

Route 138 / 35 intersection in Belmar

Route 36 east 1/2 mile past Monmouth Mall

And Route 9 South in Freehold

Also featured last week in the Asbury Park Press!


UPDATE! 7/9/04

Another one went up! πŸ™‚

My hometown of Old Bridge! Route 9 North! This is also Helen’s hometown so I invited her down to check it out with me! We are both excited about this location πŸ™‚

2004 All-Star Game

Major League Baseball : Events : 2004 All-Star Game

Yes! That time again! I will be heading down Saturday to Houston Texas πŸ™‚ I am very excited! I will have the laptop and high speed access, so keep checking in for updates from the road!

Last year’s All Star Game From Chicago 2003

Here is the Schedule:

JULY 9-13 – John Hancock – All-Star FanFest

JULY 11 – Futures Game – 4pm ET – TV: ESPN2

Legends and Celebrities Softball Game – 6:30pm ET

JULY 12 – Century 21 Home Run Derby – 8pm ET | TV: ESPN

JULY 13 – 75th All-Star Game – 8pm ET | TV: FOX

Astro’s – Minute Maid Park’s Website

Belmar Sandcastle Contest 2004!

Just wanted to congratulate my bud Gleny and the Gleny Team for as he phrased it “Taking Home The Plastic Gold” and taking First Place in this years Belmar Sandcastle contest ! GREAT JOB! Thanks for my 6″ Subway sub prize as well! πŸ™‚




Had a great time out at dinner!

A great ending to a great extended weekend!


Mets LOST to The Phillys πŸ™ o well how can u be mad at them after sweeping the Yanks hehe that’s one for Geneo!

Happy 4th Of July 2004

Another year another 4th Of July! We came out to Long Island again this year to Frank an Marianne’s πŸ™‚ The can sure throw a party! Great food and a great fireworks show proved to be a good time for all! Pino was the bartender and he defiantly rocked! He claimed I did’nt refuse 1 drink! hehe I am starting to sound like an alcoholic πŸ™ hehe O well!

Francesca, Pietra, Anna And The Fuz

Tomorrow is my pal Gene’s Birthday!

Will prob go out with him tomorrow night to celebrate!

The biggest news of the day, THE METS SWEPT THE YANKEES! WHAT A WEEKEND! I am purely shocked the turn around the Mets have done over the past few weeks! It was a real treat to hang out in the beautiful sun and watch the TV Frank brought outside πŸ™‚

Hey Ok, I know my site has a lot of dust on it πŸ™‚ That’s why I decided to share my pretty much private blog with the world πŸ™‚ It’s been 2 months and I have been keeping up with this thing πŸ™‚ I knew when it was fairly a success when I started to get complaints that it had not been updated! I would like to announce I am integrating my blog with my homepage, an idea I have had from the start. This is a small step but my personal site will be updated and have some fresh content in the future as well! If your not new to my Blog, you can now just type and get to this blog. If you did find this blog through and you are new, welcome πŸ™‚

– Rob

Spiderman 2

Very excited to see the new Spiderman πŸ™‚

I hope to watch it this weekend and get my coments up ASAP πŸ™‚

It now has the record for the biggest opening day ever @ 40.5 million dollars on its FIRST DAY! Unreal!

On another note : RIP Marlon πŸ™

Blueclaws Lose :( Mets Win! :)

Ok took photos at the Blueclaws came and bolted to get home for the Mets / Yanks series!

Jess Jos and Dayna

Although the Blueclaws LOST 7-0 The METS WON!!! 11-2

So much nicer then Sundays KILLING against the yanks last week πŸ™

Good to see OUR MATSUI kick ass! πŸ™‚

Ok just a quick update! Thanks to my wife for keeping me company at the Blueclaws Happy Hour!

This Weekend!


The Billboards go up TODAY πŸ™‚ Jesse and Dayna called me as they rode by it in Belmar! They were going NUTS! hehe I loved it!

I will be at the Blueclaws game today for the 5:00 Happy Hour!

I will also be covering Jenks and D’Jais Saturday for Coors Light!

Come Out and join me πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday on Saturday to Corinne πŸ™‚

I will be in Long Island for the 4th at the anual Fank & Mariana BBQ! Shout out to Lady Of The Rings! Full coverage when i am back!

Monday is my bud Gens’s Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAL!, so I hope to go out to dinner with them! πŸ™‚