Gleny (1:13:30 AM): neither of those guys are lookin at the cam? does that count? and you need 2 eyes?

i would have to see the full size pic to make sure it was legit

RobFuz wants to send file F:NJ Coors Elements 7_23_04DSC06437.JPG (1:14:25 AM).

Gleny (1:14:42 AM): shit i need 8… it is ok, i wanna make you look good on your blog, but tomorrow i am just gonna finish this

Gleny received F:NJ Coors Elements 7_23_04DSC06437.JPG (1:14:43 AM).

RobFuz (1:14:54 AM): hehe – i wanna be in the shot

Gleny (1:15:01 AM): ok, they both count

Gleny (1:15:10 AM): so the leader is 9

Gleny (1:15:17 AM): do you tell them what you are doing?

RobFuz (1:15:34 AM): no its cheap they just snuck in

RobFuz(1:15:44 AM): i was kind of teasing u can discount it

Fatherglen (1:15:55 AM): ok, so tied at 7?

Gleny (1:16:00 AM): your call you are officiating

RobFuz (1:16:28 AM): ok tied at 7!

O well tomorrow is another day! 🙂

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