The Steve Jobs Book Is Out!

I saw the piece about Steve Jobs and the author last night on 60 Mins! The book look like it is going to be AWESOME and I cant wait tho read it!

About The Book : Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues—Walter Isaacson has written a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing.

At a time when America is seeking ways to sustain its innovative edge, and when societies around the world are trying to build digital-age economies, Jobs stands as the ultimate icon of inventiveness and applied imagination. He knew that the best way to create value in the twenty-first century was to connect creativity with technology. He built a company where leaps of the imagination were combined with remarkable feats of engineering.

Although Jobs cooperated with this book, he asked for no control over what was written nor even the right to read it before it was published. He put nothing off-limits. He encouraged the people he knew to speak honestly. And Jobs speaks candidly, sometimes brutally so, about the people he worked with and competed against. His friends, foes, and colleagues provide an unvarnished view of the passions, perfectionism, obsessions, artistry, devilry, and compulsion for control that shaped his approach to business and the innovative products that resulted.

Driven by demons, Jobs could drive those around him to fury and despair. But his personality and products were interrelated, just as Apple’s hardware and software tended to be, as if part of an integrated system. His tale is instructive and cautionary, filled with lessons about innovation, character, leadership, and values.

About the Author
Walter Isaacson, the CEO of the Aspen Institute, has been chairman of CNN and the managing editor of Time magazine. He is the author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life and of Kissinger: A Biography, and the coauthor of The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife and daughter.

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Where Can I Get A Cheap iPad?

Question From Kristen :
Hey Robert, where can I get a cheap IPad and what do you recommend? Thanks 

Answer : Apple Discounts NOTHING! The only way to get a cheaper iPad is to get a refurbished one. Here is the link!  The first gen iPad is fine and is $400 bucks in the refurb store!  The new iPAd 2 is def a lil lighter, faster and the camera in the front is nice!  Rumor has it Q1 of 2012 will bring the iPad 3, so prices may drop after the holiday season.

i.Sound Portable Power Max

Gadget Of The Day:
The i.Sound Portable Power Max Portable USB Charger!

This thing ROCKS!  I got it as a gift for my birthday and I really LOVE IT!  It is a 5 port USB charger that can charge my iPhone and iPad several time!  It was GREAT during the hurricane and is even better when I travel and on a plane! I NEVER run out of battery and I dont need to carry around that extra attached battery on my phone!  I even charge other people’s phones and iPads.

Technical Details
Edition: 16,000 mAh
5 Powered USB Ports allow you to charge up to 5 USB Electronics at a time
(like iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Droid, ect.)
LED indicators let you know how much charge you have left on the battery
Adds 30 extra hours of usage to iPad
Charges any device with a maximum current requirement of 2.4 Amps

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Apple Rumor: $800 Tablet Due in October

With a 9.7-inch display, this big-screen iPod touch could be just the thing for Christmas 2009.

The rumors may be getting closer to the truth, or vice versa, as a report surfaced from Taiwan today that Apple plans to releases its much discussed tablet computer this October. Guesstimated pricing: $800.
The Taiwanese site InfoTimes reports (in Chinese) that the device will have a 9.7-inch touchscreen, making it a tad smaller than most netbooks but adding touchcreen features and iPod mystique.

October would be a reasonable time for such an announcement, since Apple would be unlikely to announce much before availability in its stores, and such an announcement would be close enough to Christmas for the tablet to become 2009’s hot gift item–at least for Apple fans.

InfoTimes sources its report to various supposed parts and manufacturing partners, which adds some weight to the rumor. As is usual, Apple won’t say anything about new products and its partners also remain officially mum, at least if they want to remain an Apple partner.

The InfoTimes report is in broad agreement with earlier reports of an Apple tablet, then supposedly due in 2010. If the device is due in the next 9 months, October is a good choice for a release date.

Target market? The safe guess is that the tablet would be an oversized iPod touch, aimed primarily at entertainment users. However, for those used to sending email and doing other “work” on their iPhones, the tablet might be a pleasant step up, at least in terms of the size of its virtual keyboard.

While this is still the stuff of rumor, it seems to be circling in on something. The price makes sense, as does what little is heard of the specifications. Apple will want to have a hot new product for the holidays and a big-screen iPod makes a lot of sense as portable video gains in popularity.

This isn’t the MacPad tablet computer that I’d like to see–I want a real keyboard–but the current rumor doesn’t rule it out, either. And it may be that an Apple tablet computer and an iPod on steroids are better as separate devices.

The New iPods Are Coming!

Well, it’s that time of year again, when the holiday season is almost upon us and everyone is gearing up for the last quarter of the year for holiday shopping and the rumors were starting to fly about a the new iPods being released! Sites were posting wide, stubby looking weird nanos. Apple did go ahead and send out cease and desist letters on posting the images, so it looks like that may be one of the new ones. I think another option that will come out is some sort of wide screen display like the phones. Should be interesting!