16 and 32 PEOPLE!!!!


AGAIN I saw the man in action. Sets his hand up, looks at the crowd, looks back at the camera tweaks it a lil looks back at the crowd, turns smiles BAM!!! The 1 take wonder god gets 16 PEOPLE IN ONE SHOT! BTW – The contest is getting HUGE I think I got another person in on it and people keep asking me when I am striking next! Will I get it here? Will I strike in Italy! Tune back and see!

WOW, Gleny strikes back the very next day with this way over the top GEM – 32 PEOPLE! This is getting tough! Clearly these people were unaware of the contest, but I am the judge, and if Gleny cracks me up, well it is good enough for me! 33 Here I come!


The man is truly amazing! The shot is a classic! I am def giving him the 13 and 1/2 I was there and in 1 take he pulled off a big hit! Good night had by all! Thanks for the awesome cheese steak! My challenge ahead of me will be a tough one! I am at the Sea Shell in LBI, Lets see what I can do!


Self Portrait “8”

It is great getting everyone in on the action! Checked out Daddy Pop and my pal Gene knows about the Gleny Challenge, so he got together the band Daddy Pop to get in on our latest self portrait group shot! GREAT JOB GUYS! We were one man short so we got Robert the bartender to stand in! Thanks Rob!

I felt pretty damn good about tonight’s shot! I met up with the man himself, Gleny over at Patrick’s Pub and told him all about it! He then perceived to blow me away and get a shot with a bunch of people! We’ll see how he comes in tomorrow! I even got in the shot! 😉

Gleny Strikes Back! @ 7

In a message dated 7/24/2004 2:22:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Gleny writes: 7 drunks and me…. and i still haven’t used the wide angle camera yet

The calenge was on Friday! I was real excited and my Coors gang was ready for the chanlenge! Here was my best!

What the hell was I thinking? 6 People! I knew I needed better than that!

With a few shots in the round, the strays always come in to save the day! Ok I know it’s cheap but hey I will take the numbers any way I can! I fit one more in that was cut out of the earlier shot and got 2 more strays making my cheap total 9 People! (that damn one guy turned around hehe) I hopefully will see Gleny tomorrow and will hopefully go head to head for the next round 🙂