16 and 32 PEOPLE!!!!


AGAIN I saw the man in action. Sets his hand up, looks at the crowd, looks back at the camera tweaks it a lil looks back at the crowd, turns smiles BAM!!! The 1 take wonder god gets 16 PEOPLE IN ONE SHOT! BTW – The contest is getting HUGE I think I got another person in on it and people keep asking me when I am striking next! Will I get it here? Will I strike in Italy! Tune back and see!

WOW, Gleny strikes back the very next day with this way over the top GEM – 32 PEOPLE! This is getting tough! Clearly these people were unaware of the contest, but I am the judge, and if Gleny cracks me up, well it is good enough for me! 33 Here I come!

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  1. rob, i beleive most of them were aware, but some may not have been, but only cuz they are from coney island and a little slow

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