Well mark the calendar! YES i got another new computer! I finally took the plunge and got a Apple Mac G5 with OS X. I also installed Tiger (their almost yearly operating system update) and it is AWESOME! Such a fresh breath of air! It really is nice and I will keep you updated with all the latest news with my G5 🙂 Now all I got to do is learn how to use this thing!

‘Star Wars’ Earns Record-Breaking $158.5M

Excite News: “‘Star Wars’ Earns Record-Breaking $158.5M (AP)

Moviegoers have turned out in full force for the final chapter of the ‘Star Wars’ saga, which took in $158.5 million since its opening to shatter three-day and four-day box office records.

‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’ grossed $124.7 million from Thursday to Saturday, according to studio estimates Sunday. That’s higher than the three-day record set by the first ‘Spider-Man,’ which took in $114.8 million in May 2002 – though ‘Star Wars’ had a lower Friday-Sunday take ($108.5 million) than the Tobey Maguire film.

‘Revenge of the Sith’ rang in a whopping $50 million on its opening Thursday, a single-day record boosted by eagerly anticipated midnight showings, and its total receipts since then beat the four-day $134.3 million opening of 2003’s ‘The Matrix Reloaded.’ The George Lucas film has also grossed $144.7 million overseas for a total of $303 million worldwide.”

Star Wars Grosses $50M in Single Day

The last of the ‘Star Wars’ movies has done what no movie in history has ever accomplished – sold $50 million worth of tickets in a single day.

‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’ grossed $50,013,859 from showings at 3,661 theaters and more than 9,000 screens around the country on Thursday, including special midnight shows, according to box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations.”

The George Lucas film, which features the transformation of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker into the evil Darth Vader, also beat the opening day record held by “Spider-Man 2,” which grossed $40.4 million when it opened on a Wednesday last June.

“Fifty million is a good opening weekend, let alone a single day,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Exhibitor Relations. “This is the box office equivalent of a 100-year flood.”

The film debuted on 2,900 screens at midnight Thursday. The take from that one showing alone was $16.5 million, which beat the previous record of $8 million set by “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” in 2003.

Excite News: “‘Star Wars’ Grosses $50M in Single Day

Star Wars: Episode 3 Review

What can I say, with all of the hype and the great reviews coming in, I was not expecting to dislike anything about this move and

I was right. Episodes 1 and 2 were so visually stunning, I over looked Jar Jar and some of the bad acting! This movie was not only visually stunning but the acting improved and it really tied up the first three episodes with the first 3. I do not want to give anything away, but I liked the way they kind of changed the usual formula of the other Star Wars movies! In the first two, I sometimes got a little lost on who was who and some of the story line, but this movie was very clear and really told the origin of Darth Vader really well! My posse’ all enjoyed the movie and we had a great time! We went opening day at 12:45 and we were lucky to have zero crowds and practically our own lil private showing with only like 30 other people! Go see and enjoy the show!

Rob And Frank

Chris, Frank And Rob

Pepe’ and his U2 Bud!

The Chris Lee Gang

Star Wars Official Site

TheForce.Net – Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

The Upfronts

Every year all the networks have what is called “The Upfronts” basically a showcase for the network for all thier advertisers. I usually wonder what the fate of some of the less popular shows will be. Som of the shows I watched are dead in the water including 8 Simple Rules and Comitted. O well I will pick up a few new shows 🙂 Here is the tally, I found the lists on a cool new TV Blog site I found,

The Upfronts: ABC

Out: Eyes, Blind Justice, 8 Simple Rules, My Wife and Kids, Complete Savages.

New: The Night Stalker, Invasion, Freddie, Commander-In-Chief, Hot Properties, What About Brian (debuts in January), Emily’s Reasons Why Not (January), Crumbs (January), The Evidence (January), In Justice (January), and The Miracle Workers (January), Sons and Daugthers (January).

Returning: Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Rodney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Primetime Live, 20/20, The Bachelor (January), Jake In Progress (January), and Hope and Faith (January)

Moving: Alias (Thursdays, 8 p.m., EST), Lost (Wednesdays, 9 p.m.), Boston Legal (Tuesdays, 10-11 p.m.), According To Jim (Tuesdays, 8 p.m.), George Lopez (Wednesday, 8 p.m), Supernanny (Friday, 8 p.m.)

The Upfronts: CBS

Out: Joan of Arcadia, Judging Amy, 60 Minutes Wednesday, Listen Up

New: Threshold, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home, How I Met Your Mother, Out of Practice, The Unit, Everything I Know About Men.

Returning: King of Queens, Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami, NCIS, The Amazing Race, Still Standing, Yes, Dear, CSI: NY, Survivor, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace, Numb3rs and Cold Case.

Moving: The King of Queens (Mondays at 8 p.m.), Two and a Half Men (Mondays at 9 p.m.)

The Upfronts: NBC

Out: Law and Order: Trial By Jury, American Dreams, Medical Investigation, Committed, The Contender, Third Watch.

New: The Apprentice: Martha Stuart, Three Wishes, E-Ring, Fathom, Inconceivable, My Name Is Earl, Thick and Thin, Four Kings.

Returning: Scrubs, Fear Factor, Las Vegas, The Biggest Loser, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order, Joey, Will & Grace, The Apprentice, ER, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Crossing Jordan, Medium.

Moving: The West Wing (Sundays, 8-9 p.m. EST), The Office (Tuesdays, 9:30-10 p.m. EST), Dateline NBC (Fridays 9-10 p.m. EST).

The Upfronts: FOX

Out: Jonny Zero, The Sketch Show, Tru Calling, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, Point Pleasant, North Shore, The Swan, Quintuplets, Life on a Stick.

New: Prison Break, Bones, Head Cases, Reunion, The Gate, Kitchen Confidential, The War at Home, The Loop

Returning: Arrested Development, American Dad, 24, The Simpsons, That 70s Show, The Simple Life, The O.C. Stacked, Nanny 911, House, Family Guy, Malcolm in the Middle, King of the Hill, Cops, The Bernie Mac Show, American Idol, America’s Most Wanted, Trading Spouses,

Moving: Arrested Development (Mondays, 8 p.m., EST), The Bernie Mac Show (Fridays at 8 p.m.), Malcolm in the Middle (Fridays, 8:30 p.m.), Stacked (Wednesdays, 8:30 p.m.)

The Upfronts: WB

Out: Jack and Bobby, Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show, Grounded For Life, High School Reunion, The Mountain.

New: Just Legal, Related, Twins, Supernatural, Pepper Dennis (January), Misconceptions (January), Modern Men (January), The Bedford Diaries (January).

Returning: 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Reba, Living With Fran, Charmed, Blue Collar TV, What I Like About You.

Moving: Smallville (Thursdays at 8 p.m., EST), Everwood (Thursdays at 9 p.m), One Tree Hill (Wednesdays at 8 p.m).
Read on for show descriptions.

Upfronts: UPN

Out: Enterprise, Kevin Hill, Second Time Around, Road to Stardom

New: Everybody Hates Chris, Love, Inc., Sex, Lies & Secrets, South Beach

Back: Veronica Mars, America’s Next Top Model, WWE SmackDown, Eve, Cuts, Half & Half, One on One, Girlfriends, All of Us, Vibe Awards

TV Squad

New Consoles Are Here! New Consoles Are Here!

E3 is here once again! It is the video game industry’s convention that shows off all the latest new hardware and software every year! I went last year and it was AWESOME! They really do it right and I had an AWESOME TIME! The first two days, Monday and Tuesday are all press conferences. Microsoft was off first with their big announcement of the new Xbox 360. I looks pretty awesome and seems real powerful! I am not a huge X Box fan and when it came down to it, was not really impressed with the dedicated games they are announcing for it. Sony was up next with thier announcement of the Playstation 3! WE GOT A WINNER 🙂 Man it looks AWESOME and has every new gimmick in the book! Bluetooth and wireless controllers that you can hook up to seven controllers without a multi tap. It will also be a HD / and or Blue Ray High Def DVD player and the graphics look incredible on the games! Nintendo chimed in with the Nintendo Revolution a game that seems real far off in the future for them and will be backwards compatible with games from the past 20 years! The kings of the portable games also announced a new Game boy called the Micro. We will see what software comes out for all these consoles and will see who the new king of the video games will be!

RobFuz Podcast For 5/18/05 :

Click Here For My RobFuz Podcast On Star Wars and E3 (mp3 file)

Sony Playstation 3 Stats:

– It will support Blu-ray (obviously), DVD±R/W, CD-R/RW
– Backwards compatible with the PlayStation 2 and original Playstation
– One 3.2GHz Cell processor—total system performance rated at 2.18 teraflops (uh, that’s actually about twice what Microsoft is claiming the Xbox 360 will do); it will have 256MB system RAM – 3.2GHz, and 256MB GDDR VRAM at 700MHz
– The nVidia graphics will be called the RSX (”Reality Synthesizer”), and will trump the Xbox 360 with 1080p (yes, that’s a p) graphics support.
– There will be a 2.5-inch hard drive (i.e. laptop hard drive) attachment—a first for a Sony launch (no, we don’t count the PSX and/or the FF add-on)
– Memory Stick Duo slot, and very surprisingly, an SD and CF slots
– Bluetooth support with up to seven wireless controllers
– Six USB system ports

Microsoft XBox 360 Stats:

2 types of Xbox Live:
Xbox Live Silver (no subscription required)
Xbox Live Gold (subscription benefits)

Features for Gold service
* Also for Silver
# Also for Offline

– Seamless transition to Xbox Live account from Xbox to Xbox 360
– Free Xbox Live weekends * – Multiplayer online gameplay
– Avatar for gamer profile * # – – Motto for gamer profile * #
– Personalized look for Xbox System Guide * #
– Free and premium downloadable movies, music, tv *
– Downloadable demos/trailers *
– Strem media from Windows XP * #
– Communication with voice, video or text *

360 HW:
1. Support for DVD-video, DVD-Rom, DVD-R/RW, CD-DA, CD-Rom, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 cd, JPEG photo CD4. 3 USB 2.0 ports
5. Support for 4 wireless controllers
6. Detachable 20GB drive – 7. Wi-Fi ready

Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU
– 3 symmetrical cores at 3.2 GHz each – 2 hardware threads per core

Custom ATI Graphics Processor
– 500 MNz – 10 MB embedded DRAM

Memory -512 MB GDDR3 RAM – 700 MNz DDR

Memory Bandwidth
– 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
– 256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM
– 21.6 GB/s frontside bus

Audio – Mulitchannel surround sond output

Nintendo Revolution Stats:

– Release is sometime in 2006.
– Prototype shown is larger than final unit.
– Nintendo is still determining final colors for the console.
– All-Access Gaming, which refers to backwards compatibility to 20 years of Nintendo games, NES, – SNES, N64. We don’t know particulars of how it’ll be accessed or what, if any, the cost structure might be.

– Downloadable to 512MB of flash memory.
– SD memory card slot.
– Wireless controllers.
– Two USB 2.0 ports.
– Built-in WiFi.
– WiFi used to interface with the DS.
– DS likely to enhance future games.
– Self-loading optical drive that will play 12cm Revolution discs and smaller GameCube discs
– Self-contained attachment for playing media content, including DVDs.
– No controller was shown. So even though the box looks a lot like the one leaked over the weekend, the accompanying controllers were not presented. So was it a leak, or a really good guess?

Nintendo Game Boy Micro Stats:

– Launch is slated for this Fall.
– Silver in color for now, expect all sorts of rainbow-flavored variations.
– Dimensions: 4 inches wide by 2 inches tall and 0.7 inches thick.
– Weight: 2.8 ounces (80 paper clips’ worth of weight).
– Processor: Same as GBA SP.
– Screen: 2-inches, backlit and the “best Game Boy screen ever” adjustable controls-
– GB Advance has nearly 700 titles available, playable on the Game Boy Micro.

For Full E3 Coverage Visit:
Engadget –

What the Hell Happened To Dave Chappelle?

Was wondering, what the hell hgappened to Dave Chappelle? My buddy Joey has been a huge fan of his for a long time and we had a running joke going where I would be like, who’s Dave Chappelle? Was funny if you were there, but I soon found out who the man was. I kind of feel sorry for him, but at least he gets to tell his side of the story. Read on.

The first thing Chappelle wants is to dispel rumors—that he’s got a drug problem, that he’s checked into a mental institution in Durban—that have been flying around the U.S. for the past week. He says he is staying with a friend, Salim, and not in a mental institution, as has been widely reported in America. Chappelle says he is in South Africa to find “a quiet place” for a while. “Let me tell you the things I can do here which I can’t at home: think, eat, sleep, laugh. I’m an introspective dude. I enjoy my own thoughts sometimes. And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking here.”

The picture he paints—and it seems a fairly honest and frank assessment— is of someone struggling to come to terms with a new position and power who’s still figuring out how to come to grips with how people around him are reacting to the $50 million deal he signed last year with Comedy Central. Without naming specific characters, he seems to blame both some of his inner circle (not his family) and himself for the stresses created by last year’s deal.

“There were things that overwhelmed me,” he says. “But not in the way that people are saying. I haven’t spent any of the money. All that stuff about partying and taking crack is not true. Why do I live on a farm in Ohio? To support my partying lifestyle?” On the Beach With Dave Chappelle Podcast – 5/17/05

Click Here For 5/17/05 RobFuz Podcast

Here you go gang, my attempt at another Podcast! I see Podcasting is sweeping the nation! 🙂 My current favorite Podcast is TWIT, (This Week In Tech) with Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and friends. Each week you’ll hear a fun and freewheeling discussion of what’s going on in the world of digital technology. New shows are shipped every Sunday night, just in time for your Monday morning commute. So check out their weekly show, they are true professionals!


Anyway, my Podcast this week is recorded through my brand spanking new Optimum Voice! I just got it yesterday and it is AWESOME! I is basically Voice Over IP phone service. What the hell does that mean you ask? Well I now get our main phone line over our cable modem and you pay one price for your calling services. With our package, we are now paying 15 bucks for all our nationwide and local calling. This was something I could not beat! Its super clear and works with all our existing phones and I love it!

My two guests this week checking ir is my bud Rory heading down to Atlantic City with out me 🙁 Very funny as he checks in on the answering machine.

Also my bud Chris checks in with reviews from the new Star Wars Movie.
Can’t WAIT till the new movie. I will be going Thursday at noon! Everyone is invited, just let me know you want to join us! So far I got 5 people in tow to go and check it out! Podcast from the theater, so stay tuned!

TheForce.Net – Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

LucasArts | Official Site


E3, Marty & Elayne, The Dresden

I am very excited, next week E3 is back in LA for another year, showcasing all the latest and coolest video games! Jos is not going this year and I will be following all the action here from home 🙁

One of the things I remember most from last year was our trip to The Dresden! Our friend Jacquelyn had been there and told us this was a must see place to hang and to see the incredible Marty & Elayne!

As quoted on thier website, Marty & Elayne have been packing the house for an unbelievable 18 years at the Dresden Restaurant – Hollywood, California’s most happening lounge. While they play music of all types, they are known best for writing and performing music in Jazz and Lounge styles.

When we walked in and I looked around, it really reminded me of the Brady Bunch opening up a ski lodge! God I LOVED that place and if it wasn’t for my extreme jetlag that week, I would have been there till closing! Marty & Elayne rocked!

They mainly take on requests from everone, songs from the most obvious lounge selections to the extreme obscure! I requested “Light My Fire” by the Doors! Elaine rocked it out on the organ for like a 10 minute doing this amazing solo! THEY ROCKED! The feature drink there is something called a “Blood and Sand” They were AWESOME as well! So, enjoy some of my shots and check out the great reviews and the web sites I found!

Dresden Room Restaurant – 1760 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90027-4394 ph: 323.665.4294

Lizard lounge deluxe, this is a must-see masterpiece. Don’t be put off by the bland face-brick entrance for inside is all white-leather booths, curved corners, corkboard walls and cool, carpeted standing space. It featured in the film Swingers but the main attraction is Marty & Elayne, veteran jazz crooners who’ve played here for decades. Experienced Mexican bar staff, this one’s for the discerning drinker.

The “Blood And Sand” House Drink

Elaine Rocking Out During “Light My Fire”

Marty Jumps On Percussion For A Bit

Gotta Love Marty & Elayne!

Jos, Rob, Jacquelyn

Flute Solo!

The Gang After A Few “Blood And Sands!”

Actually The FIRST Thing I Saw Walking In! Shes A Big Fan!

Don’t stop here! You MUST read the reviews and check out the web sites:

Marty & Elayne’s Cyber Lounge

The Dresden Restaurant The Dresden Room

E3expo- Home

E3 Insider: E3 Expo 2005

The Dresden Rooms Bar in Los Angeles

Insider Pages – Business Detailed Reviews

Review of The Dresden Room – Hollywood, CA – Citysearch

RobFuz Summer Movies 2005 Top 10

Summer is here once again and TV shows are all wrapping up for the season! It is May and the studios are starting to kick in with all their hot summer box office mega-hit movies! Here is a list of the top 10 movies I want to see this summer! Check out the other links below to see all of the summer flicks coming out.

Here Are My Top 10 Summer Movies I Want To See

10. Wedding Crashers

9. Fantastic Four

8. The Longest Yard

7. The Pink Panther

8. The Dukes Of Hazzard

7. Madagascar

6. Cinderella Man

5. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

4. Batman Begins

3. War Of The Worlds

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

1. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Moviefone: Summer Movies 2005

Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Movies Hub

Jennifer Garner Pregnant?

Over the weekend I heard Jennifer Garner had a bun in the oven. I looked at a few different other sites US Weekly, Star, People and no one but E! has reported this. Although this is totally NOT important, I just think its funny and such a game on how these different media outlets try to get the scoop FIRST! I never hear E! getting a scoop like this first, but we will see 🙂 By the way if she IS, what the hell’s wrong with Bennifer? Did he miss that daily abuse from the paparazzi and the tabloids! By the way, what the hell is up with Katie Holmes / Tom Cruise? hehe

Jennifer Garner’s Baby on Board – May 07, 2005 – E! Online News

Jennifer Garner’s Baby on Board – May 07, 2005 – E! Online News: “Jennifer Garner’s Baby on Board”

Paris Hilton Podcast

It’s The Paris Hilton Pooooddddcaaassst! HEHE Ok Warner Bros. jumped on the latest hottest thing, Podcasting! But come on a Paris Hilton Podcast! My friend Chris cracked me up with one of his IM’s, Paris Hilton, The Actress? That’s all I needed and yeah it was funny but he will probably IM me now, Paris Hilton, The Podcaster? You know you have to check it out hehe. I gotta admit I am listening to the first installment and she is doing Letterman, not a bad job. It is only 5 mins but hey it was kind of fun, so check her out! The second one is longer. She seems a little less phony than the phony person she really is, but still comes off mega high maintenance! Second show she’s on her way to buying a Mac and talks about all her Ipods. It also seems like Warner is goofing on her. She does seem real though, as real as she can be in her Paris World. The movie looks pretty cool, we will see. It is sad though whenever I see ANYTHING with the word or name Paris, I think of her! It’s The Paris Hilton Pooooddddcaaassst! (funny bumper they play). I really did dig the behind the scene feel of the podcast, so check it out!

HOUSE OF WAX – Paris Hilton Podcast

Disneyland’s 50th Birthday

All the media hype is starting to kick in on Disneyland’s 50th Birthday! When Disney does something this huge, it seems to last forever! I was curious when WAS the actually birthday and opening day of Disneyland?

After a quick Google search , I found out it was July, 17th 1955! I have read about opening day in the past and found the article kind of funny! It was by invitation only and the crowds were over whelming!

Disneyland Opening

28,154 guests attended and made the park very uncomfortable! People were forging invites and people were hot and frustrated! Rides broke down, food ran out and due to a gas leak Fantasyland was CLOSED. Back in those days, Walt did a lot of broadcasts and was not even aware of what was going on! It was also broadcasted to 90 million people LIVE as well! Pretty amazing!

Looking back at Disneyland’s history it has gone through a ton of changes! I was lucky enough to go to the park three times. It defiantly has a unique look and distinctive feel to it compared to Disney World! Disney’s major problem was not buying up enough land around the park. Going on some of the taller rides and looking out and seeing Denny’s or gift shops ruins some of the magic. Over the years they did buy up a lot of the land around the parks and even built a second park in the old parking lot of Disneyland. My past visits years ago always made me look back and think about what was there since the beginning.

I look back and sometimes think, what the hell were they thinking? I mean come on how stupid can these ride makes be over the years!

Looking back at Coney Island in the 1900’s and up, where they would have this Steeple Horse ride with no seat belts that went super fast with nothing the hold the person in was just crazy!

Another one was The Human Roulette Wheel a turntable like ride, where this huge disk spins and wipes people out of control into who knows what.

My favorite one and its still standing to this day is Steeplechase’s Parachute ride which looked dangerous as all hell.

Coney Island History Articles

Disney’s rides weren’t as dangerous, but they did have some dozers! There was some primitive things back then such as donkey and wagon rides.

My favorite dangerous ride was the “Flying Saucers” in Tomorrowland! They really looked so cool! Air Valves lifted up these pod like bumper cars and made it the coolest bumper cars ever! You can control them and move in a direction with your body. Very Cool! Check out the sites below to see what Yesterland looked like!

Yesterland, the Discontinued Disneyland
The History of Disneyland Tickets and Prices

So What is Disney going to do to celebrate? Check out it out!
Biggest Event in Disney Theme Park History Premieres on May 5, 2005
Click on the link to see all the things going on.

Disneyland’s 50th Birthday

5 – 5 – 05

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!! A time honored celebration to DRINK CORONA! YEEE HAAAA ! I have celebrated the past few years and have had a lot of fun with it, but what the hell is it? I think just about every year I do a search for the History Cinco de Mayo! I will be on the down low this year and just celebrating at home!

Check it out: The 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day, but it should be! And Cinco de Mayo is not an American holiday, but it should be. Mexico declared its independence from mother Spain on midnight, the 15th of September, 1810. And it took 11 years before the first Spanish soldiers were told and forced to leave Mexico.

So, why Cinco de Mayo? And why should Americans savor this day as well? Because 4,000 Mexican soldiers smashed the French and traitor Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the morning of May 5, 1862.

Click the link to read more!

Cinco de Mayo History

Vote for the Worst – American Idol 4!

Howard talked about this today! TOO FUNNY! I am not buying its doing the damage to AI but who knows! I actually like Scott, he has heart and I liked some of his ealrier songs, although he has been sucking lately! 🙂

Vote for the Worst – American Idol 4!

American Idol is the most watched television series in the world, but a pattern has emerged that makes the show pretty boring. The producers and judges pick one contestant to “pimp” and this contestant ends up winning, making American Idol less a show where the viewers pick the winner and more a show where the judges and producers get the viewers to vote for who they like. Borrrrrrring.

So, here at, we have a solution. Help us by voting for the worst that American Idol has to offer. That’s right, vote for the bad contestants. Everyone knows that the best and most interesting part of the show are the bad auditions. Record numbers of people tune in to see who will become the next William Hung, but why let it stop there? Bad contestants sneak through the cracks all the time. Corey Clark, John Stevens, Jim Verraros, Leah Labelle… they were never meant to win and royally screwed up the competition by even making it to the finals in the first place. It’s entertaining and hilarious when these contestants make it past more deserving contestants. Besides, if you liked Nadia, Anwar, Jessica, or any of the people who have been kicked out, this is a way to send a message. The producers have been pimping Carrie and the rockers to win this show since the beginning. If you’re an Anthony or Vonzell fan, I hate to break it to you, but they won’t win. Why? Because the producers don’t want them to. They’ll be gone in the next few weeks, and you’ll be sad. Why not just Vote for the Worst?