Paris Hilton Podcast

It’s The Paris Hilton Pooooddddcaaassst! HEHE Ok Warner Bros. jumped on the latest hottest thing, Podcasting! But come on a Paris Hilton Podcast! My friend Chris cracked me up with one of his IM’s, Paris Hilton, The Actress? That’s all I needed and yeah it was funny but he will probably IM me now, Paris Hilton, The Podcaster? You know you have to check it out hehe. I gotta admit I am listening to the first installment and she is doing Letterman, not a bad job. It is only 5 mins but hey it was kind of fun, so check her out! The second one is longer. She seems a little less phony than the phony person she really is, but still comes off mega high maintenance! Second show she’s on her way to buying a Mac and talks about all her Ipods. It also seems like Warner is goofing on her. She does seem real though, as real as she can be in her Paris World. The movie looks pretty cool, we will see. It is sad though whenever I see ANYTHING with the word or name Paris, I think of her! It’s The Paris Hilton Pooooddddcaaassst! (funny bumper they play). I really did dig the behind the scene feel of the podcast, so check it out!

HOUSE OF WAX – Paris Hilton Podcast

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