E3, Marty & Elayne, The Dresden

I am very excited, next week E3 is back in LA for another year, showcasing all the latest and coolest video games! Jos is not going this year and I will be following all the action here from home 🙁

One of the things I remember most from last year was our trip to The Dresden! Our friend Jacquelyn had been there and told us this was a must see place to hang and to see the incredible Marty & Elayne!

As quoted on thier website, Marty & Elayne have been packing the house for an unbelievable 18 years at the Dresden Restaurant – Hollywood, California’s most happening lounge. While they play music of all types, they are known best for writing and performing music in Jazz and Lounge styles.

When we walked in and I looked around, it really reminded me of the Brady Bunch opening up a ski lodge! God I LOVED that place and if it wasn’t for my extreme jetlag that week, I would have been there till closing! Marty & Elayne rocked!

They mainly take on requests from everone, songs from the most obvious lounge selections to the extreme obscure! I requested “Light My Fire” by the Doors! Elaine rocked it out on the organ for like a 10 minute doing this amazing solo! THEY ROCKED! The feature drink there is something called a “Blood and Sand” They were AWESOME as well! So, enjoy some of my shots and check out the great reviews and the web sites I found!

Dresden Room Restaurant – 1760 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90027-4394 ph: 323.665.4294

Lizard lounge deluxe, this is a must-see masterpiece. Don’t be put off by the bland face-brick entrance for inside is all white-leather booths, curved corners, corkboard walls and cool, carpeted standing space. It featured in the film Swingers but the main attraction is Marty & Elayne, veteran jazz crooners who’ve played here for decades. Experienced Mexican bar staff, this one’s for the discerning drinker.

The “Blood And Sand” House Drink

Elaine Rocking Out During “Light My Fire”

Marty Jumps On Percussion For A Bit

Gotta Love Marty & Elayne!

Jos, Rob, Jacquelyn

Flute Solo!

The Gang After A Few “Blood And Sands!”

Actually The FIRST Thing I Saw Walking In! Shes A Big Fan!

Don’t stop here! You MUST read the reviews and check out the web sites:

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