Podcast – 5/17/05

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Here you go gang, my attempt at another Podcast! I see Podcasting is sweeping the nation! 🙂 My current favorite Podcast is TWIT, (This Week In Tech) with Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and friends. Each week you’ll hear a fun and freewheeling discussion of what’s going on in the world of digital technology. New shows are shipped every Sunday night, just in time for your Monday morning commute. So check out their weekly show, they are true professionals!


Anyway, my Podcast this week is recorded through my brand spanking new Optimum Voice! I just got it yesterday and it is AWESOME! I is basically Voice Over IP phone service. What the hell does that mean you ask? Well I now get our main phone line over our cable modem and you pay one price for your calling services. With our package, we are now paying 15 bucks for all our nationwide and local calling. This was something I could not beat! Its super clear and works with all our existing phones and I love it!

My two guests this week checking ir is my bud Rory heading down to Atlantic City with out me 🙁 Very funny as he checks in on the answering machine.

Also my bud Chris checks in with reviews from the new Star Wars Movie.
Can’t WAIT till the new movie. I will be going Thursday at noon! Everyone is invited, just let me know you want to join us! So far I got 5 people in tow to go and check it out! Podcast from the theater, so stay tuned!

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