The Gleny Self-Portrait Challenge

I have a lil challenge on the table wanted to share with everyone. I saw my bud out the other night and we got to talking about our sites! I started the lil self portrait gallery the other day and Gleny is the king of the self portraits, so somehow I came up with the challenge of seeing how many people we can fit in a shot at one time! The only rule we agreed upon was that you have to see the persons eye in order for the shot to count! hehe – Gleny being Gleny took the challenge and came up with his first ante –

Re: I will start simple….the ante is 5

The man is good, I am not throwing down defeat, but 2 things scare me. He asked if he could get extra points for animals and musical instruments! :O This guy is good! He also has on order the latest Canon camera with a wide angle lens! I’m screwed! 🙁 O well my turn and I am at Jenks tonight, one of my favorite clubs! Let’s see how I do! Stay Tuned this may become interesting! I love a challenge!

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