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Hey everyone

Wait a sec, I need to blow off some dust on my ol BLOG!  As you can see I converted my old blog to a WordPress system!  I am really impressed with WordPress and plan on using it in all of my companies sites! I am very excited about the possibilites and the capabilities of what I can do with it!  Also you may have noticed a new domain name!  I registered recently because I accidentally let lapse and some Asian person snagged it!  Oh well, you snooze, you loose, so I am now going under a domain name that is 3 letters longer 🙂  I also set up word press on my custom server!  This is something I wanted to do from day one of blogging and that alone is cool to server my own blog on my own site with amazing themes and plugins!  I am imported my old blog and will try to keep up with my site more often!  Welcome Back! 🙂

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