Happy Birthday To Me :)

It is officially in the middle of birthday weekend! God, do I milk my birthday 😉 January 30th I will be 34! 🙁 That sounds so OLD hehe, O well, what can you do! So much is going on in my life and as usual, NEW GADGETS!

Delorme Bluelogger

My mother got me a Bluetooth GPS for my laptop! The Delorme Bluelogger is AWESOME! I had it in Florida and it came in handy a few times! I am using DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2005 and it is pretty amazing! I opted to get the Bluetooth version because I am running Street Atlas for the Pocket PC as well! It draws where you go and visually and verbally gives you directions where ever you need to go. It also remaps and redraws yours maps if you go an alternate way or if you make a wrong turn!


Apple – iPod shuffle

I also picked up before Florida the NEW IPOD SHUFFLE! You may have seen me wearing it in a few photos from Florida. I got the 512 meg version rather than the 1 gig because, that’s all they had 🙁 no big 🙁 It is AWESOME though! My bud Chris and I were checking out Engadget.com and notice people love it or hate it! Ok it is kind of a pain not seeing what is being played, but I do truly love it! I wear it around my neck and it is so damn light! I got about like 100 song one there and truly just put what I want on it! 12 Hour Battery and it recharges in my USB port so I don’t need to lug anything else! I record Howard Stern and take it with me on there and it truely is a great piece of hardware! It also acts as a thumb drive and I really love it!

Went to The Headliner last night saw Daddy Pop and will be at Jenks tomorrow, January 30th from like 1:30 – 3:30 for the relief benefit and to celebrate my birthday a lil. What do I waqnt for my birthday? hmmmmm Got the new laptop how about a new DESKTOP COMPUTER!!! hehe Check back to see what I get 😉

For my birthday, Everyone please post some COMMENTS! 🙂 Thanks

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  1. Happy Bday Children………
    Good to see you the other night.
    Lets get together for a Bday dinner this week.


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