Return Of The Screen Savers!

Just when I thought my favorite show, The Screen Savers was gone forever, it has another incarnation! It is defiantly like a cat and has 9 lives! This is like life # 7! With all the different hosts, channel names and even now a new show called Attack Of The Show on the G4 Network, I still crave to see or in this case hear the old show! Leo Laport, the original host has a weekly Podcast show called Return Of The Screen Savers with Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose, two of the other hosts who were really good! The name is going change due to legal reasons and they are having a contest this week for a new name. Every Sunday there is a new Podcast show and this is week #2. It is only like 30 mins long, but I enjoy hearing all of my favorite hosts back and broadcasting a form of a show I enjoyed so much. I highly recommend this awesome Podcast about technology!

The Laporte Report

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