Tons O’ New Apple News!

HOLY CRAP! That new ipod looks SO AMAZING! My trigger finger was on my mouse and ready to order, but I held out! I have been waiting and pondering getting a new ipod for some time now! I do have a Second Generation ipod as well as the Shuffle and needed to upgrade to a newer one! So tempting is this new Ipod Nano, but wait as I must, I will hold out till possibly Christmas or mill over getting the 20 or 60 gig color version! Jos just got a Mini for her birthday, but it is a 6 gigger and I think she will still enjoy it for sometime! It was pretty funny how the info came down on Engadget! The site was POUNDED by traffic and I hit refresh a lot to get the info down like every 10 mins! Classic! I never saw that site go down like that, but they were AWESOME on brining the news to the world almost live! As for the Rokr I do use Cingular, but I am not a huge fan of Motorola phones and 100 songs seems kind of weak! The Harry Potter Ipod is funny and I think that will be huge as well! Installing itunes 5 now! Be Back Later 🙂

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