Harry Potter 3

Well I did get a chance to catch the latest Harry Potter movie, it did not disappoint. The movie in true Harry Potter fashion got u going through the entire movie like an amusement park ride! I loved the special effects, especially the creatures in the movie. I did notice however a difference in the way the characters reacted together. I think this is mainly because of a new director. I am a big fan of the past director Chris Columbus. I like the way he develops his characters in his movies and the way you learn about each character and their relationship to others, but all in all I enjoyed the movie greatly, so much I am starting to READ yes READ the HP series πŸ™‚

The last Sopranos ROCKED! I LOVE that show! Looking forward to next season and disappointed there are only 10 episodes left πŸ™ SUCKS!

This Weekend / Coors Light Sterling Marlin Event

Sterling Marlin

I will be shooting Coors Light NASCAR Racer Sterling Marlin for NJCoors.com on Friday at the Lakewood Blueclaws game tomorrow night at 5:15. Come down and get your picture on the website!


Legendary NASCAR racer Sterling Marlin, driver of the Coors’ Light #40 car, will be at FirstEnergy Park Friday night, June 4. The series finale with Lake County begins at 7:05 p.m. Marlin will slow down just long enough to throw out a first pitch and then race back to meet with fans and sign autographs on the concourse. Commerce Bank will distribute kid’s airplanes to the first 2,000 fans 17-years of age and under on Friday night, as well.

I will also be at the Surf Club in Ortley Beach Saturday night 9-11 and D’Jais in Belmar 11:30 – ?? on Saturday night June 5th πŸ™‚ Come join me πŸ™‚

NJCoors.com | Lakewood Blueclaws

The Sopranos Finale


Excite News: “NEW YORK (AP) – Poor Adriana: Scuttling on all fours across dead leaves in a forest until Silvio, Tony Soprano’s consigliere, popped her with two shots. That was Adriana’s ghastly end on the most recent episode of ‘The Sopranos,’ underlining how business is business in a mob family – even for Ade, a terribly reluctant FBI informant whose own fiance, Soprano soldier Christopher Moltisanti, set in motion the hit Tony ordered.

‘The Sopranos’ airs its fifth-season finale Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO (unavailable for preview). Then 10 more episodes in 2005 will close this magnificent saga.”

Can’t Wait Till Sunday! Jos will not see the episoide and wants me to wait! Don’t think I can do it! Hey I can watch it TWICE πŸ™‚ Catch up or review! Click The Link! MY WORLD πŸ™‚


Excite – Excite Sports News: “New York Mets’ Todd Zeile connects for a two-run home run in the tenth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies Wednesday, June 2, 2004. Zeile drove in all the Mets runs in their 5-3 win.(AP Photo/Miles Kennedy)”



A Delayed Farewell to Leo :(

On a sad note πŸ™ one of my shows got the boot! Call For Help (ok I am a total geek πŸ™‚ ) got the boot. TECH TV Pretty much got the boot as well, one of my favorite channels. Most of the shows are now gone with G4-Tech TV newly launched! The Screen Savers is still around, but Leo Laporte will surely be missed! I thank him for the knowledge he has given me over the years. He is a true inspiration the way he teaches people. Here is a clip of his farewell message on his site. Check out the link to check out his typepad. Special thanks to my pal Elo for turning me on to ZDTV from the start!

The Laporte Report: “Yesterday was one of the saddest days of my life. We put Call for Help to bed Wednesday. You’ll see the last episode on Friday, but for those of us who have been making the show for six years a huge and important chunk of our lives is over.”

The Latest Official Van Halen News

van-halen.com – Latest Van Halen News: “THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

The band’s forthcoming release, titled ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ will hit stores July 20 (July 19 overseas)! The two disc set features the following tracks, including three BRAND NEW tunes (not necessarily in this order):

Eruption, Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love, When It’s Love, Finish What Ya Started,

You Really Got Me, Feels So Good, Jamie’s Cryin’, Black and Blue, Runnin’ With the Devil, Poundcake, Beautiful Girls, Runaround, Dance the Night Away, Right Now, And the Cradle Will Rock…, Top of the World, Everybody Wants Some!!, Can’t Stop Lovin’ You, Unchained, Not Enough, Dancing in the Street, It’s About Time (NEW!), Learning To See (NEW!), Up For Breakfast (NEW!), (Oh) Pretty Woman, Hot For Teacher, Jump, Panama, I’ll Wait, Why Can’t This Be Love, Dreams, Best of Both Worlds, Love Walks In, Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love (Live), Jump (Live), Panama (Live) ”

WOW VH HAS 3 NEW SONGS! Good to see Sammy And The Boys BACK! πŸ™‚

Its gonna be a GREAT SUMMER πŸ™‚

Goo Goo Dolls – Memorial Day Weekend 04

Photo By Rob Fuzesi – 360 Multimedia LLC

Just got back from Jenkinson’s this morning for the annual WPLJ summer kick off! it RAINED again this year πŸ™ I am feeling like memorial day weekend is the weather “Ground Hogs Day” of the summer! It rains and 6 more weeks of crappy weather πŸ™ Well I HOPE it does not go that way! did I mention I am BEAT? hehe The Goos never sounded better! Although they are impossible to photograph πŸ™ Johnny Resnick always has his damn hair covering his face! SUCKS! But I managed to climb on the bar and get some good shots that will be posted on JenksClub.com and 360mm.com πŸ™‚ Here is the set list : Black Balloon, Iris, Slide, Here Is Gone, Sympathy and Broadway Robbie the Fake Red Headed Bass player did a song as well I think called Smash! hehe The Benjamins were in the house as well! Good to see the boys in front of that huge crowd. Jos and I are off to the Blueclaw game tonight! Hopefully it does not rain πŸ™ Off to take a nap!

Got to see our great friend Liz and her new man Steve (great guy) on Sunday and got to see my Brothers Family and my parents on Monday! πŸ™‚

Photo By Rob Fuzesi – 360 Multimedia LLC

Summer Movies


Hey πŸ™‚ Ok I have a lot to talk about. hehe Saw Shrek 2 Pretty good movie! I heard there are 2 more on the way! Must be a nice gig walking into a studio for 2 days and make all that cash πŸ™‚ Also saw Van Helsing Pretty Bad! πŸ™ was looking really forward to it! What happened? What went wrong? It looked great but it feels like a 3rd grader wrote it Sucks πŸ™ o well enuff ranting! Looking forward to Harry Potter 3 πŸ™‚ Also read those actors will do the entire set of books. I hope Harry’s hormones don’t kick in. HeHe

Tonight! 5/27/04

The Summer unoficially kicks off Tonight πŸ™‚ heading out to one of my old stomping grounds for NJCoors.Com to see Big Orange Cone! Come on down and say HI πŸ™‚ Should be fun will be back on Saturday night as well!

I Love This :)

Just trying out another way to post on here! VERY COOL!

A quick shout out to my LADY OF THE RINGS πŸ™‚ Pietra, part of my inspiration to post a Blog πŸ™‚

Busy Memorial Day Weekend this weekend! Jenks / Cone Thursday, 4 Gigs on Friday FOUR starting 5 am taking picture of the GOO GOO DOLLS! Been there, but hey always fun to see the Goos! Followed by a Blueclaw game and off to Donovans and The Windansea and pack to Jenks for another Cone / Coors Gig! Come on out, Ill buy u a beer or 2 πŸ™‚

Coors Light Summer Jam

I am posting from my Pocket PC! I love this thing. Had the Coors Light Summer Jam last night. It was pretty wild! All my buddys from the Coors world were there! I must have known at least 200 people! It was nuts walking accross the bar with everyone saying hi to you every 2 mins. It was a great event! Check out the shots on www.njcoors.com I even made it on there! I am lucky having met so many GREAT PEOPLE!


Ok, Im starting off real silly πŸ™‚ I think I have attempted to BLOG in the past but it never got that far πŸ™‚ If you are along for the ride be warned! I CAN NOT SPELL! πŸ™‚ There your warned hehe πŸ™‚ The whole goal of this blog is to incorporate it into my new personal web site www.robfuz.com to bring some fun content to my site and to bring you into my lil crazy world! I am sure most of you reading this now already know me but if you don’t, I will keep you posted on my likes and dislikes and you will learn everything about me πŸ™‚

Ok there is my first entry! With summer officially kicking off on Friday! This should be a WILD RIDE!

– Rob