I Love This :)

Just trying out another way to post on here! VERY COOL!

A quick shout out to my LADY OF THE RINGS 🙂 Pietra, part of my inspiration to post a Blog 🙂

Busy Memorial Day Weekend this weekend! Jenks / Cone Thursday, 4 Gigs on Friday FOUR starting 5 am taking picture of the GOO GOO DOLLS! Been there, but hey always fun to see the Goos! Followed by a Blueclaw game and off to Donovans and The Windansea and pack to Jenks for another Cone / Coors Gig! Come on out, Ill buy u a beer or 2 🙂

Coors Light Summer Jam

I am posting from my Pocket PC! I love this thing. Had the Coors Light Summer Jam last night. It was pretty wild! All my buddys from the Coors world were there! I must have known at least 200 people! It was nuts walking accross the bar with everyone saying hi to you every 2 mins. It was a great event! Check out the shots on www.njcoors.com I even made it on there! I am lucky having met so many GREAT PEOPLE!


Ok, Im starting off real silly 🙂 I think I have attempted to BLOG in the past but it never got that far 🙂 If you are along for the ride be warned! I CAN NOT SPELL! 🙂 There your warned hehe 🙂 The whole goal of this blog is to incorporate it into my new personal web site www.robfuz.com to bring some fun content to my site and to bring you into my lil crazy world! I am sure most of you reading this now already know me but if you don’t, I will keep you posted on my likes and dislikes and you will learn everything about me 🙂

Ok there is my first entry! With summer officially kicking off on Friday! This should be a WILD RIDE!

– Rob