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Super Bowl Commercials

WOW! Its finally over! Actually its been pretty quiet over the last two weeks up until like Thursday, when all hell broke loose with the media SLAM! All said and done the game was pretty damn good! The Eagles tried their best and held on as long as they could, but could not prevail over the wrath on New England! Playing host, I missed a lot of the game and the fun. I Tivo’ed it and went back and saw what I missed!

Paul McCartney was Awesome! Wasn’t too happy with Drive My Car in the set, but Live And Let Die and Hey Jude made up for it!

Just talked to my bud Gene! He is a huge Eagles fan and got a quote for him on the game: They gave it away. They threw the ball away 4 times and they came away with nothing. Can’t win a game when you put your defense into a position like that. They made it there and I am happy but I am not satisfied.

I was also not that impressed with the commercials! Here is a recap of quick point impressions :, Retro, Fed Ex Top 10, Vin Deasel, Eva, Carson, Brad Pitt, McDonalds Fry, Monkeys, War Of The Worlds, MORE MONKEYS,, Burt Renolds TWICE, Talking Dogs, Rodman in a tub – YUCK, Retro Cartoons, EVEN MORE MONKEYS, Thank You, Unicorns and Santa, MORE FRIGGIN MONKEYS!, Nikki Cappelli

See them all here : AOL Sports: Superbowl Commercials 2005

This guy really summed up the commercials well :

30-Second thoughts By: JOHN MAFFEI – Weighing in on Super Bowl commercials:

> Lays had one the best spots in recent years. It was the one where a kid hits a ball over a fence into a mean neighbor’s yard. A girl suggests throwing a bag of Lays chips over the fence as a peace offering. The neighbor throws back a ball, the family dog, a long-lost car and MC Hammer. Then one of the kids says, “MC Hammer? Where have you been.”

> Monkeys were in vogue this year. Verizon Wireless used monkeys talking on bananas in a good spot, and used them and a whoopee cushion in a hilarious spot. But went a little far later on in a monkey-kissing-butt spot.

>, with a very attractive Nikki Cappelli losing her top, got your attention, but it was cheesy at best. (HEY! )

> McDonald’s ran its french fry looking like Abraham Lincoln commercial twice. It wasn’t any more funny the second time.

> The Quiznos spot with a pudgy baby Bob is stupid and old.

> MBNA using Gladys Knight playing rugby was beyond the valley of stupid.

> What was Dennis Rodman doing in a bathtub? I was so turned off, I forgot what the commercial was about.

> A bikini-clad maiden selling Tabasco was a highlight.

> Anheuser-Busch’s thank you to the troops was outstanding. And it cost the company $2.4 million.

> Ford ran the same commercial for the new 2005 convertible three times, twice in a five-minute span. Kind of dumb, and costly.

> Visa’s spot with superheros looking for a lost credit card was well done.

> Blockbuster ran the same commercial —- a man backing his car to the mailbox — six times. I guess, the first five times weren’t enough.

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