Scrapello – Erice – 8/17/04

Today we got an early start and headed up to Scrapello.

It is an amazing place where people go to swim. At one point fisherman used it, now it is a popular spot to hang out and enjoy the sun.

Hard to explain the area but the pictures should tell the story. This is the area where they filmed Oceans 12.

We took a long swim between all the rocks and ruins.

We met up with the Italian Peter Rappa who shares the same name as his cousin and my brother in law Peter.

He is a good guy and he reminds me of my brother in law Peter. He makes the same sounds and he even shakes hand like him. We had a nice swim and I had the water proof camera to take some shots.

We then went to Mag’s relatives for lunch.

Great food and another spectacular view.

We showered up and off for more adventures.

We headed to Erice.

This is an enchanting medieval city that people actually live in on top of a mountain established some 3,000 years ago.

The views from atop this city 2,500 feet high are amazing.

There are castles and some ruins of old castles that were pretty intact.

I took this amazing picture that I realized was being sold as a postcard, pretty cool. We arrived late so I got a lot of nice shots during the golden hour time (yes I know about the golden hour, as my friend Glen tried explaining to me at some point).

We toured around till it got dark did some shopping and then took off.

Again during our great adventure, another day not to forget.

On the way home, I finally got to eat at a REAL Italian pizza place!

The pizza was awesome! I saw French Fries so I took the opportunity to order some. Lots of pepper on them but an omelet and fries 2 days in a row I am feeling more at home.

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