Low Key – 8/16/04

After all the excitement yesterday, we decided to keep it low key today. I am amazed how well I adjusted to 6 hour time difference. I fell asleep every night in LA a few months ago but here I am fine. I am laying on my chair at the beach today without a care in the world. I have no clue what’s going on back home. The only news I got was our governor resigned. What an ass. I thought he was doing such a great job and now I hear he was being set up by his gay lover. Got to love politics. O well. The most exciting thing of the day was left over pizza and my daily Gelato!

I went with the Magnum, a double chocolate ice cream with a layer of fudge in between.

We are being low key tonight and eating at the hotel. One disappointment is that eggs are not a big part of the Italian diet, so I got excited that there was an omelet on the menu for tonight! We will see.

At the house yesterday I got excited they had chickens and I picked an egg, but I didn’t get to eat it.

I was told a chicken lays 1 egg every day. That is pretty amazing. I did get my omelet and did enjoy a lot of vino with Pino.

Ok I will check back when more action happens. We are low key because tomorrow we are going a few key places.

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