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Was wondering what’s going on with Peter Jackson’s King Kong 2005 movie! Again, I am a big King Kong fan and was wondering eher he can go with it! Based on this artists rendition, it looks awesome! King Kong battling a T-Rex NICE! Not shocking, it is being filmed in the new film capital of the word, New Zealand! Sounds like it is going to bean awesome movie! those are 2 great sources of info on the movie!

Jackson has wanted to remake “King Kong” since he was 13—the 1933 original, with the luminous Fay Wray, is so close to his heart that it couldn’t be removed without life-threatening surgery. In 2003 Universal Pictures’ Stacey Snider offered him, Walsh and Boyens an extraordinary $20 million advance to write, direct and produce.

Earlier this fall, Jackson invited NEWSWEEK to be the first to visit the set of “King Kong,” which is due in theaters next December. His remake takes place in the ’30s and is being shot in New Zealand—Weta Digital is building old New York on computer with a fanatical accuracy, using original blueprints and historical records. The movie stars Jack Black (as the obsessive movie director Carl Denham), Naomi Watts (as leading lady Ann Darrow) and Adrien Brody (as Jack Driscoll, in Jackson’s version a playwright in the Arthur Miller mode, who’s been cajoled into writing Denham’s screenplay). Andy Serkis, whose acting was the basis for the digital Gollum, will “play” Kong, whose prehistoric island is breached by Denham as he hunts for one of the planet’s dwindling mysteries. Serkis hasn’t begun working with Watts yet. Judging from the menacing grunts and body language he summoned up for a reporter with a moment’s notice, he is going to scare the crap out of her.

Jackson hopes to bring the Kong myth to a generation that’s allergic to black-and-white movies, confuses “King Kong” with “Godzilla” and never saw the original, just the campy ’70s remake. “I’m 26, and the only thing I knew about Kong was that he got on the Empire State Building and was shot down by planes,” says Colin Hanks, who plays Denham’s long-suffering assistant, a new character. “I watched some of the Jessica Lange version. It’s painfully obvious that it’s a guy in a monkey suit. I mean, he’s literally walking around, looking in windows and going, ‘Where’s Jessica Lange?’ ”

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