Oceans 12


Ocean’s 12 started their media blitz 2 weeks ago! I finally saw the trailer and its posted online and it looks awesome! A scene from Scrapello, Italy is in the trailer! We swam their in August when we went to Italy and was one of the highlights of the trip! It was also nice staying in the hotel where the cast stayed and was great sleeping in the Katherine Zeta Jones room 😉 The movie does look pretty awesome! I was a big fan of the first movie and I am looking forward to seeing the further adventures of the now Ocean’s 12!

My shot of where we spent the day in Scrapello.

A still from the trailer showing the Scrapello location

Original Post From Scrapello, Italy in August 2004 – Today we got an early start and headed up to Scrapello. It is an amazing place where people go to swim. At one point fisherman used it, now it is a popular spot to hang out and enjoy the sun. Hard to explain the area but the pictures should tell the story. This is the area where they filmed Oceans 12. We took a long swim between all the rocks and ruins.

Rob Fuz’s Blog: August 2004

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