Guest Blogger: Mags

8/28/04 – Guest Blogger Mags who is giving her recap of the trip. I asked her to write it. She is an awesome writer and I love her dearly!

Hey Rob and anyone else reading this,

This is Margherita logging on. I’m very honored that my uncle Rob asked me to write in his blog. So, let me tell u about my vacation in Italy so far.

Sicily was beautiful and the beach was cool but the people were not so nice. The only people that were welcoming to me was my family. I had a lot of fun mumbling comments about the people to rob. We both felt the same. But, all complaining aside it was fun and very, very beautiful!!!

Now I’m in Rome and I’m having so much fun. Everything I’ve seen here has been something Ill never forget. I wish I didn’t have to walk so much LOL. Both my uncles are taking thousands of pictures!!!!! I like to look at something and move on but they stand there for about ten minutes with every picture or statue and memorize it or take 100 pictures!!!!!

LOL but it still has been a lot of fun and soon we will be home. I can’t wait to go home not that I don’t like here but I just miss things that I’m familiar with. Everyone can understand that, can’t you? Well this is me signing off. Till the next this is Margherita writing from Rome saying Goodbye

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