What A Day For Movies!

Actually, what an INCREDIBLE DAY for movies! So much to talk about today in the world of movies! I am going to the 3:30 showing of The Incredibles! I can’t wait to go see it! Pixar is by far my favorite company! I am really gonna miss the pairing of Disney and Pixar 🙁 I have The Incredibles game for PS2 and It is amazing, so its getting me ready for the movie! As this one kicks off, the next Pixar movie “Cars” debuted a preview on Apple.com Cars That movie looks AWESOME TOO! too funny how they know this movie is gonna be so huge, they took the day to show off their next project!

Speaking of taking the day WHAT THE HELL! Dreamworks released Shrek 2 today on a Friday! Usually movies come out on Tuesday, but I guess they want to capitalize on this huge release day! Also the Episode III Teaser Trailer hit AOL’s Movie phone today! IT LOOKS AMAZING! WHAT A DAY FOR MOVIES! Ok I’ll calm down hehe Moviefone: Home Page

Last and I am sure there are others, Fox is saying in their ad Wanna See Something Incredible? For their new Robin Williams animated movie called “Robots” 20th Century Fox: Robots I have seen the early trailer and that looks great too!

Ok 3:30 – Incredibles – Full Review – Next Blog! SAVE THE DAY!

The Incredibles

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