Thank You

Just wanted to give a shout out to my faithful readers! You know who you are, that visit on a daily basis! Who knew my site would be such a hit! hehe I love when you IM me or call and talk about my posts! I cant believe I have a handful of RF Blog fans! 🙂

I had a busy week last week. Visit my photo page and check out my friend Mike’s band Tyketto and my other buddies band Cold 30 playing up in North Jersey! What a great show! Both put on a great show!

Tyketto & Cold 30 album

I have video, but noticed my video clips are not working. I got to call up and see what the deal is. 🙁

Also celebrated my godson Andrew’s 6th birthday! Happy Birthday Pal! 🙂

I have some adventures planned this week, so keep checking back!

Jos has been away all week and another week to go, I miss her greatly 🙁

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