Podcast 11/13/2004

YES! I have joined the new craze of PODCASTING! 🙂 It was first done by Adam Curry, YES MTV x VJ! I have seen a few Podcasts on some of my favorite sites and figured, WHAT THE HELL! My buddy Elo and I were talking about it tonight and I figured lets try it out! Please comment on my Blog and tell me what you think! It’s really just an mp3 you download and you can play on your Ipod or actually you can play it on anything – ITunes, Musicmatch Jukebox, Windows Media Player! So check it out!

Click Here For My First Podcast (3.5 meg mp3)

What I Talk About –


The Incredibles

Where is Your Podcast?

The Screen Savers 🙁

This Weekend

The New Coors Light Promotion

Other Podcasts:

Adam Curry’s Weblog

Engadget –


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