Christmas 2004 is OVER! um or is it! Anyone who knows me, knows and thing and everything I do isn’t just one simple day. O no its like a 2 week event, my holiday season. My family doe, “The Day After Christmas”, were we mainly exchange all our gifts the day after all the hustle and bustle! So tomorrow I will be chiming in what else I got. My brothers birthday is the 27th, so we will be celebrating My brother Mike’s birthday on Monday! Then off to my cousin Dean’s house to help him with his computer! THOSE DAMN POP UPS! THEY ARE KILLING ME! Then it is off to Strong Island, were the festivities continue with Jo’s family and it will bring us up to 2005! WHAT, WE ARE 1/2 THROUGH THE 00’s ! Holy Cow!

Ok yesterday, did you see what was under my tree? Yup that’s right, the Nintendo DS complete with Super Mario for the DS! If you are an Engadget fan like me, You would know all about this new toy! I haven’t had a Game Boy in like 15 years! This game is AMAZING! Duel screens is defiantly the highlight of the system! You can IM people in your local area and its got a touch screen with stylus. I was disappointed it did not come with a game, just a demo for Metroid 🙁 All in all it looks amazing! I am excited to play and try it out and hey, even buy some Game Boy Advanced games that are compatible with it! I probably will fully review this new kick ass system soon, so check back!

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