Howards First Day

What can I say! The first Howard show on sirius Radio was GREAT! No He is not married and YES George Takei IS gay! I also found out the cast’s revolations, messed up!!! Here is the run down:

1. I cheated on my wife and got caught
2. I masturbated in the bathroom closet while my family members (aunt and cousin) were in the bathroom
3. I got a girl pregnant and paid for an abortion
4. I think I’m addicted to porn and prefer masterbating to real sex.
5. I have spent well over $10,000 on internet porn.
6. My buddy and I once ordered massage girls to our hotel room and were ripped off
7. I’ve pleasured myself with meat and vegetables.
8. I have a half sister that I don’t want to meet.
9. I have had cosmetic surgery.
10. I guy once blew his load on my chest.
11. I once had my stomach pumped for alcohol poisoning and woke up to an acquaintance fondling my genitals.

Here is a lil blurb from Engadget, summing up the show:

So how did The King of All Media — now a half billion dollars richer for moving to Sirius — take advantage of his first day on private-air satellite radio this morning? We didn’t listen in ourselves, but apparently Howard’s program weighed in 170 some-odd swear words heavy (though few were attributed to Stern himself), a fake-marriange announcement by Stern and the “confession” that he practices transcendental yoga, George Takei now doing voice-overs full time on the program, and a, um, gassy rendition of the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey to lead the intro, among other things. New medium is now the new media, ladies and gentlemen, and according to Stern nearly 2 million new customers lined up service to hear him broadcast from space today.


SIRIUS Satellite Radio

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