David Lee Roth @ 6am

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So it’s REALLY OFFICIAL Howard is out and David is in! I dunno if I can take David Lee Roth on a daily basis. I mean yeah I grew up loving the guy and loving Van Halen and think he is great as a guest, but can he hold down the fort for 4 hours a day 7 days a week all year long? Well if his debut show is any indication, NO! Ok i was intrigued for about 15 mins but after that i am zoning out 🙁 He just went off at 9:57 with defiantly no fireworks! He did have his uncle on, Manny Roth who did many monumental things in NYC and he was a little bit interesting, but as a whole it was pretty boring. i missed the first 2 hours but it appears that he does have a bunch of people in the studio, although he barely went to them. I did hear them laugh and make some noises, but that was about it. He also mentioned that he probably won’t have any guests for the first 2 weeks! What the hell! After David’s show they had these other 2 guys on that were 10 times WORSE! With these 2 less then stellar shows, I am looking forward to Howard even MORE now! I am guessing they just sold another Million or so Sirius Radios 🙂 O well, goodbye KRock 🙁

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