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NY1: Living: “American Airlines To Offer In-Flight Entertainment ”

Song’s DISH Satellite TV and MP3s

After flying on Delta Airlines “Song”, going back to any old airline will seem so damn hum drum 🙁 It was pretty ironic seeing LaGuardia Airport closed on live TV while flying to it :O I really loved the TV system onboard! Music trivia that you play against other people on the flight! (I played one round and came in FIRST!) It also showed the flight info including the map where u are, food menu, music and Pay Per View movies. Check out their site for a demo, pretty cool!

American Airlines To Offer In-Flight Entertainment

I do fly American Airlines a lot, their new solution looks pretty cool! Although I got my kick ass Sony laptop and load it with any movie I want and download all the latest news anyway before heading out on a trip 😉

Article : American Airlines is set to provide an in-flight entertainment media player for $8 a flight, filled with moves, music videos, games, and that day’s major newspapers. Apparently, half of American’s fleet are MD-80s which have no on-board entertainment. Rather than spending lots of money to retrofit them with expensive, integrated systems, American hopes to address passenger needs on a more individual basis.

Flights with the yet-unbranded portable media device start this week on flights from LaGuardia to Miami and LaGuardia to Dallas.

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