26 Days Till Christmas!

Ah! Christmas is HERE! It too funny how the day after Thanksgiving now is INSTANT CHRISTMAS! It is like someone flipped on a switch and Christmas is here! I think Friday and Saturday I heard EVERY Christmas song out there! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas music, but November 26th, too early!

Good to hear Howard back on the air today, Howard talked about Blogs and it is for lonely women! Too funny! Howard closed down his mess of a message board. I never got into it, so I wont miss it! My experience in message boards are so sour, I would have told Howard to never start one! Always a nightmare and it brings out the worse in people. They also discussed Robin’s future show and it appears Robin is going over to Sirius and all is well 🙂 It is always the best shows when Howard comes off vacation, telling all his tales while he was gone! I love that he stayed home and watched The Bachelor instead of going to Scores!

Another shout out to Engadget – www.engadget.com ++ WHAT A KILLER SITE! Day after day I check it out, and I am a fan of their Podcast! So many cool things are coming out at a furious rate. I LOVE IT 🙂 Just sucks because I really want almost every gadget they post! I love hearing about all the new Ipods even lil gadgets like the TV turner offer!

I checked out Desperate Housewives last night! I must admit I was not a fan at first, but I really enjoy watching the show! It really reminds me of Twin Peaks! It even has one of the cast members from the show! I think it is really well done and it keeps you guessing week to week! I saved them all up on Tivo and watched like 4 of them over the past few days and I am really into it! It is really helping out ABC with a number 2 slot last week! I was really shocked at who bought it this week! If you did not see it don’t read the rest of this part! I knew that they were not going to kill off any major character! Not to be morbid, but it could not have happened to a better person! hehe

Will be at the Windansea on Friday for Coors Light! It will also be Daddy Pops Anniversary party, so come down and celebrate! – More news during the week!

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