“The iPhone” 2007

Wow, what more can you say about it! It is “The iPhone” and it is HERE! It came out on Nicky’s Birthday, and he almost got one too!! hehe I played with it for the first time that first weekend and it truly is an amazing phone! I never saw such hype and so many people analyzing one product before in my life! I am going to pick one up soon, but I wanted to get a real feel for it and see what people are talking about it! Cell phones for me for some reason never intrigued me so much. I know so many people who get new phones like 2 or 3 times a year. I stuck with my ol Nokia with the flip out keyboard, which is still to me a great phone and it will be missed! Yeas, there is a TON of things that disappoint me about the iPhone and do I wish it was upgraded, YES! I do sit back and see that it blows my Nokia away and it DOES do the things I need it to do! So with all the trade offs, it is a killer phone and communication device and I am looking forward to getting one very, VERY soon!

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