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All the new fall movies are starting to be revealed and I cant wait to see Pixar’s new movie The Incredibles! It looks really awesome! I am excited to see where the world of computer animation is going! If you notice, this is the first time a Pixar animated movie featured a human being. In the past movies they experimented with humans and have come a long way with showing humans in animation. I learned way back from my bud Chris how complicated it is for doing people and making it believable. There are also other kick ass computer animated movies coming down the pipe such as Shark Tail and The Polar Express and I am excited to see these almost life like movies!

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  1. Hey Rob, It’s Chris. Pixar has used humans in Toy Story 1 and 2,Monster’s Inc.(Boo) and Finding Nemo (Dentist and patients). They really didn’t have much expression in Toy Story 1 but the Toy Maker (Gerry from “Gerry’s Game” and to a certain extent Al (the guy who stole Woody) in Toy Story 2 had much more then Andy and his family in Toy Story 1. Boo in Monster’s Inc. was a milestone in my opinion not only in her realism and expressions but in her clothing as well. In Finding Nemo they went back to a more stylized look for the humans which is kind of funny since the fish characters are very realistic looking. The Incredibles comes off as looking stylized again but I think it will work well for the subject matter and character expression will play a huge part in selling the story.

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