Star Wars Trilogy DVD Changes

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Less than a week away and the news is coming out about the Star Wars box set! I think some of the changes are kind of pointless, but interesting all the same! -Rob

List of Star Wars Trilogy DVD Changes:

The Sept’04 issue of the french magazine ‘Les Annes Laser – Le Magazine du DVD et du Home Cinema’ has published a short but very informative review of the upcoming classic Star Wars DVD set, including a detailled description of the few modifications introduced by Lucasfilm. Here you go!

A New Hope:

– 24’51’ : twin sun effect has been renewed.

– 48’50’ : Han Solo avoids Greedo’s shot before shooting at him.

– 50’30’ : Jabba effect renewed completely, in accordance with Episode 1.

– 71’30’ and after : Death Star jail corridor is much deeper.

– 77′ : the garbage monster has been improved.

– 82’10’ : ‘Power’ and ‘Tractor Beam’ stencils have been replaced with Star Wars ‘foreign’ signs.

Empire Strikes Back:

– 50’56’ to 52’05’ : Emperor’s hologram has been reshot with Ian Mc Dairmid. A new dialog has been recorded and Palpatine informs Vader about Luke’s real identity!

– 63’42’, 87’18’ & 98’39’ : Boba Fett’s dialog has been re-recorded by Temuera Morrison.

– 92’05’ & 92’15 : Han Solo’s black jacket has been erased, due to cut mistakes in the original movie.

– 101’40’ : Luke’s scream, which was added in the ’97 Special Edition, has been removed again.

Return Of The Jedi:

– 24’44” and after : Edge transparency defects around the Rancor have been removed.

– 115’41” : Old Anakin’s eyebrows have been erased and eyes are now blue, to fit with Hayden Christensen.

– 120’44” : Naboo has been added to Tatooine, Bespin, Coruscant and Endor victory celebration scenes.

– 120’58” & 121’03” : Senate & Jedi temple are now included in Coruscant panoramic view.

– 122’30” : As everyone knows already, Hayden appears as a ghost beside Yoda and old Obi-Wan at the end of the movie.

‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Debuts on DVD

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