Segesta – 8/20/04

Defiantly an action packed day. Probably the most things we fit into one day so far. We had our usual breakfast and headed out to the town of Santo Vito Lo Capo. It was another cute little town that had a cool lighthouse. We settled on the beach and took a walk through the town and visited another cool church. We then took a walk toward the light house and checked that out along with the boats. There was a ton of people on the beach and the temperature rose to a 100 degrees today, by far the hottest day yet. We headed out to our next destination Segesta. As we left we past the marble mines that my father in law worked at. Any drive in Sicily is an enjoyable drive. Not since my trek from LA to Vegas was I in such constant awe over the mountains and scenery that we discovered.

We got to Segesta at 5pm.

Defiantly a lot cooler and this was one of the spots I really wanted to visit.

Unfortunately, the theater part was closed due to a concert being held there. The temple part was still open and it did not disappoint.

It is very amazing how the built something like that in those times.

I read it was never completed and just this shell was done. It is one of the most preserved artifacts in the word.

After this or tour guide, Damiano and his family wanted to take us to the top of Alcamo mountain. We all agree and it was only 5 minutes until we go there. It was a big hike up a steep mountain once u drove to the top.

After getting up there the view was pretty cool and we got to see another pretty cool castle in the process.

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