Nintendo Wii’s World Wide Web

Nintendo and Opera team up to take Wii users to the Internet. Learn how it's all going to work in this exclusive interview.

May 23, 2006

At the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2006, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that its forthcoming Wii console would be able to access the Web with the Opera browser. Iwata said that the Wii console could, “… power up virtual console games and applications like our Opera Web browser saved to flash ROM… in just a few seconds.”

We recently chatted with Opera for Devices’ executive vice president, Scott Hedrick, about its partnership with Nintendo and what benefits the Web browser will bring to Wii users.

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The New Nintendo box looks pretty sweet! If you can play all the classics for a cheap price or for even free, I am there! 🙂 Don’t know if I like the name or not

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