New Sony Digital Projectors coming to a Movie Theater near you!

LOS ANGELES – After more than a decade of talking about it, movie theaters and studios are finally rolling out digital projectors that show sharper, brighter images without cracks, pops or hisses. rnrnThis weekend, Sony Electronics will enter the field with a projector that displays the sharpest resolution envisioned under a set of standards issued for digital cinema. rnrnMovie studios last year agreed on such technology standards, which will allow components made by different manufacturers to be interoperable. Those components include the projector itself, the computer that stores the movie and sound, software that compresses the huge digital files and security systems that prevent piracy. rnrnAnd, after years of debate about who would pay for the systems, studios and companies that sell digital cinema systems agreed to share the cost.rnrn- OK Where is the IMAX Theaters 🙂 Looks Killer

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