Made It Big Time On The Painted Gleny Short Bus!

I have know Gleny for quite some time now, it’s prob been over 2 years! I met him one night at the Headliner! He shares the same passion as I do and that is photography! Gleny is the king of the Jersey shore when it comes to having fun and taking your picture. All in the name of fun and its a real good time.

Over the years, Gleny has had a few unique automobile projects to add to his fun. Gleny likes to have amazing looking vehicles when he participates in parades or events to get the word out about his website and to bring everyone more fun. Part of his tradition is to paint whatever vehicle is in use.

He recently obtained a “short bus” and this one is the best one yet! Part of the painting is a collection of all of his posse’ and I am honored to be in on the cast of characters this time!

I have checked out the bus myself already and it is REALLY AWESOME! Thanks Gleny and Mesha and I am happy to be on the short bus!

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