Sorry, I took a lil spring break from my site and from my blog 🙁 , But I am back and ready to post! I have had SEVERAL complaints I have not been posting, 🙂 So that is ggod!

The US release of the PSP (That is Playstation Portable for those not in the know) hit pretty big on Thursday! NO I did not get one (yet hehe) but the kind Chris Lee came over Monday with his! I really got to feel what it weighed because the battery was in this one, unlike the one I saw in Japan, it was in English! Always a plus! I am sad to report, although I am still in love with the PSP, odds are I am probably not getting it anytime soon 🙁 Grant it, it is a great game system! I tried out the mp3 part of the system looked pretty cool and tried 2 games, NFL Street 2 and NBA Street Showdown. They both looked pretty cool and Spiderman 2 looked amazing on it, but I will NEVER have time to play it, so I will hold back all my gadget temptations and wait it out 🙁 (I still had to get my mug on the site with Lee’s PSP and my DS just to compare the two!) I am still kind of disappointed in the lack of games for the DS! A few more came out but I still can’t find a second game I want play 🙁 O well! More posts to come including some back posts with my adventures from Japan!

PSP – PlayStation.com

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