Groundhog Day 2005, Its So Not Over!

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I have to admit, Gleny has outdone himself yet again! Come on, the man is a trooper! He had invited me on the over night, 6 hour trek then 6 hours home again and of course I had to wimp out! The man is incredible! He had first told me about his adventure one day in the summer! I was so excited and so into it I just couldn’t wait for the day to see his photos! He had told me a lot about the history and the rituals they do there and boy was he right! I was a lil upset for him because, damn, this is HUGE media coverage and I purposely got up early to see all the mayhem on TV at 7am! I only got to see the official announcement and then it broke into the Special Report about the plane crash for 4 straight commercial free hours! DAMN IT! O well, make sure and check out his pictures from this truly amazing event! This is Gleny’s big season with the plunge and parades coming up so keep checking back! THANKS AGAIN GLEN FOR BRINGING US ALONG FOR THE RIDE through your pictures! Can’t wait for the VIDEO!

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